Top 5 Seafood Sensations

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There are two types of people in this world: those who eat seafood, and those who don’t.

Let’s focus for a moment on those who don’t. We all have that “friend” (not for long); they’ve placed a total embargo on any type of seafood, from fish to shellfish and even seaweed. Quite frankly, they don’t fit into the lobsterdome you’ve been building your entire life. Things have to change.

But the issue has to be handled with finesse. You can’t just bring them to another average seafood joint. First and foremost, environment is key. Giant fish tanks with tonight’s dinner are a no-no. It’s best to stage this intervention in the comfort of the home. Now you’re fishing through your go-to restaurants thinking “Where can I get the freshest, most delicious seafood?” Relax. You don’t need to move to Japan.

Check out our Top 5 Seafood Sensations, we’re sure the embargo will drop post-delivery.

1. A Salt & Battery (NYC) – Looking to impress? A Salt & Battery’s Matt Arnfield was challenged by Bobby Flay in a Fish & Chips throwdown…and won! An order from this critically acclaimed English spot won’t have you fishing for any compliments.
A Salt and Battery

2. Biggie’s Clam Bar (Hoboken) – Seared. Ahi Tuna. Tacos. Widely known to make even the staunchest seafood-hater repent.
Biggie's Clam Bar

3. New England Seafood Company (Chicago) – We need some Adblock on this Chicago hotspot. Yummy Maine Lobster with corn on the cob, potatoes, bib, drawn butter & soup? You’re begging for a risky click. Scroll through their menu past midnight at your own risk.
New England Seafood Company

4. The Daily Catch (Boston) – Craving a taste of Italia? We’ve got the perfect Sicilian-style seafood and pasta joint. The family owned rastaurant serves up recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Oh, and their favorite phrase is “MANGIA CALAMARI!”

The Daily Catch

5. Pescado Mojado (LA) - Brushing up on your mexican palate? Their Shrimp Taco plate will have you speaking seafood in no time.
Pescado Mojado

Tell us about your seafood adventure and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@deliverydotcom) and Facebook (/deliverydotcom)!

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Top 5 Summer Smoothies

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If you don’t have a blender by now it’s due to one of three reasons:

  1. You’ve hoarded every other appliance known to man. Kitchen counters don’t need to be seen anyway.
  2. Everyone in your household is a soda-preferring caveman. Philistines.
  3. That spankin’ 4 slot toaster is higher up on the list. Hubba-Hubba.

But it’s not just a smoothie. It’s a way of life. Whether you’re a bona fide expert or just looking to step up your veggie game, we’ve got your Top 5 Summer Smoothie Spots covered. Get ‘em delivered, no blender necessary:

1. Magic Mix Juicery (NYC) –  Remember all those times you opened a chip bag and approximately 3,408,230 “friends” asked for “just one”? Magic’s smoothies are the kind you don’t want to share. Ninja stealth mode style.
Magic Mix Juicery

2. Melvin’s Juice Box (NYC) - Caribbean Coco with blueberry and pineapple? UM YES.
Melvin's Juice Box

3. Boloco’s (Cambridge) – Can’t be bothered to eat fruits throughout the day? Boloco’s has your back. Or you can opt for a Nutella milkshake


4. Local Table (LA) – Local, cold-pressed juices? For the sake of detox lets pretend they’re smoothies. Now you can have both.
Local Table

5. Smoothie King (Austin) – Keep the drunken munchies at home. Get your protein fix with one of Smoothie King’s Greek Yogurt refreshers. ‘MMerricaaa.

Smoothie King

Get your smoothie on and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@deliverydotcom) and Facebook (/deliverydotcom)!

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The 6 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots That Deliver

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ice cream

There’s nothing like the sound of an ice cream truck. The moment that sweet melody hits, all of the world’s problems fade away. Perhaps it’s even on par with the excitement reserved for pony rides, elves, birthdays, and the occasional unicorn sighting. Basically, it’s magical.

Aaand back to the reality of keeping ice cream in your temperamental freezer; either it keeps it too cold and makes it hard to scoop (please stop microwaving it), or keeps it too soft and it gets ice crystals. The point is, there’s just too much risk involved. And hammy needs ice cream nowPreferably without leaving the apartment.

So check out our 7 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots and try not to get a brain freeze.

1. Holey Ice Cream (Hell’s Kitchen) - Donut. Ice. Cream. It’s addictive. Withdrawal is horrible. You need this in your life now.
Holey Ice Cream

2. Burger Creations (East Village) – If you’re not feeling all this ice cream snobbery, milkshakes are just a more efficient version of the scoop.
Burger Creations

3. Amorino (Greenwich Village) – Working at this Gelateria must be torture. We’ll take a bucket, thanks.

Amorino Gelato

4. Williamsburg Creamery (Williamsburg) – Beware: potentially dangerous selection of flavors. *Hint* Cabernet Wine is on the list. Stop lying to yourself.
Williamsburg Creamery

5. The Soft Serve Fruit Co. (Union Square) – Vegan, Vegetarian, and absolutely sinful? Suddenly the world is full optimism and joy.
The Soft Serve Fruit Co.

6. Carvel (Financial District) - At one point, you just start buying yourself a cake for your birthday. Then you start faking it. We understand.

Tell us about your favorite Ice Cream joints on Twitter (@deliverydotcom) and Facebook (/deliverydotcom)!

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5 Sizzling Summer BBQ Joints

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The world has become more complicated. Cats rule the interweb, Mr. President did an AMA, and BBQ snobbery (we’re savants, we swear) has become a thing. Fisticuffs arguments over sauces, rubs, and woods are no longer exclusive to the south. In short, just about everybody and their mother is passionate about barbecue – and quick to call it #1.

And it’s no secret that the best barbecue is the kind that comes to you. Check out our favorite barbecue joints across the country – delivery never tasted smokier.

1. International Wings Factory (NYC) – If you’ve got BBQ Wings down to a science, this is the place for you.  Just try not to get lost in the glorious sauces galore.
International Wings Factory

2. Georgia’s Eastside BBQ (NYC) – If you haven’t had ribs yet, you’ve lived a sad, lonely life. Georgia’s backyard BBQ will have you addicted before you have the chance to say “dry rub.”
Georgia's Eastside BBQ

3. Park and Sixth (Jersey City) – You can watch your BBQ show, and eat your BBQ too. Check out Park’s #WingWednesday & get 50 cent wings all night. Down the hatch.
Park and Sixth

4. Larry J’s BBQ Cafe (Boston) – Some people say bad things about barbecue. Try the Pulled Pork Sandwich. You’ll know they were wrong about everything.
Larry J's BBQ Cafe

5. California Wings Cafe (LA) – Wings on the west coast never tasted better. Get ‘em with homemade ranch or try the yummy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.
California Wings Café

Get your barbecue on, and don’t forget to tell us about it on Twitter (@deliverydotcom) and Facebook (/deliverydotcom)!

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