Top 5 Pub Grub Joints

Posted by on December 16, 2014
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With the winter months upon us there’s only two ways New Yorkers go about surviving the cold.

Option 1: Wear good boots, bundle up, and walk flat-footed on icey sidewalks. Short steps and balance are your friends. Think penguin.
Option 2: Grab your favorite blanket, order in, and catch up on your favorite shows. AKA hibernation mode.

Still stuck? Check out our Top 5 Pub Grub Joints. From classics like sliders and wings to local favorite like fried cheese curds, these bars deliver a little piece of Americana. You’ll be munching in no time.

#1 Taproom No. 307 (Kips Bay) – This craft beer lover’s dream serves up more than just a cold pint. Chef Stephen Durley compliments the beer menu with creative twists on American bar favorites. Rest assured, he always infuses beer into his cooking.

Taproom No. 307

#2 Tavern 29 (Midtown East) – At the end of the day, everyone just wants a burger. Besides, they’re always en vogue. Whether you’re craving a Kobe Beef chowdown or a vegetarian bite, Tavern’s got you covered.Tavern 29

#3 The Stand (Gramercy) -Voted the best new venue of 2012 by Time Out New York, this comedy club is home to yummy munchies like Cheeseburger Dumplings, Pork Belly Rice Balls & Tator Tot Nachos. YAAS.

The Stand

#4 Rye House (Flatiron) - These whiskey geeks know how to cook some comfort food. Check out their fried mac n’ cheese, fried pickles, and Cuban sandwich for starters. Don’t forget the luscious pecan pie for dessert. Did we mention that their daily market ingredients are sources from local farms? Well done.
Rye House

#5 PopPub (Greenwich) -Milkshakes, Hot Mini Donuts, French Toast, and Burgers. Need we say more? Open until 2am, this Meatpacking District hotspot also happens to be night owl – friendly. PopPub

Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite pub grub and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@deliverydotcom) and Facebook (/deliverydotcom)!

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#Time4 You to Win $1,000!

Posted by on November 11, 2014
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UPDATE: Congrats to John P. from Ft. Worth, TX for winning!

From CrossFit and crocheting to magic and macramé, everyone has a favorite hobby. That special little something you enjoy more than anything… or just something you’re sticking with to avoid the shame of quitting. *Ahem* Sorry archery.

Regardless, we want you to spend less time at the stove, the store, or the stuffy laundry room and get more #Time4 the fun stuff. Whether you’re a certified green thumb or a serial recreationist, show us what your hobby is for a chance to win a $1,000 American Express® Gift Card!

Win $1000

The rules are simple:

  1. Be a member of  Sign up here:
  2. Channel your favorite hobby. Biking. Painting. Skydiving. Etc.
  3. Snap a photo. That one shot that’s not a #foodpic.
  4. Add a caption, tag @deliverydotcom and #Time4. Use your imagination & hit “Submit.”
  5. Share with friends to get votes. “Do me a favor?” works like a charm. “I’ll buy you lunch” works even better.
  6. Best photo & caption wins. –  A $1,000 American Express® Card. YAAS.

Whatcha waiting for? Enter now:

*By participating, you agree to the Official Rules.

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6 Sweet Macaron Fun Facts

Posted by on October 29, 2014
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We’re obsessed with macarons. Heck, who isn’t? From rose water to pistachio, the sinful confections come in limitless flavor options. And if you’re as passionate about these French meringue-based cookies as we are, you’ll love our Sweet Macaron Fun Facts:

#1: The correct pronunciation is macaron (mah-kah-ROHN.) It’s not unusual for people to mistakenly call them macaroons (mah-kah-ROON.)
macarons v macaroons

#2: The original macarons didn’t contain filling. They were extremely simple cookies made of almond powder, sugar and egg whites.
Macaron Shells

#3: The first macaron cookie was made in Italy, introduced by the chef of Catherine de Medicis in 1533. Not France, as many people believe.

#4: In the 20th century Pierre Desfontaines had the idea to fill them with creamy ganache and sandwich them. Soon macarons became the most popular cookies in France.

#5: March 20th marks NYC’s Macaron Day. Bakeries across the city indulge passersby with free macaron treats to celebrate the sweet confection.
Macaron Day

#6: The average macaron has 70-100 calories. In comparison, the average muffin is 400 calories. That means you can afford to splurge on a few.

Get them delivered in Union Square, U.W.S, Boston, and LA. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite macarons and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@deliverydotcom) and Facebook (/deliverydotcom)!


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Now Playing: on TV

Posted by on October 28, 2014
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Look, Ma! We’re on TV with a brand spankin’ new commercial! So cozy up on the couch, cue up a delivery, and glue your eyes to the television set.

Or just watch the link below. Either way.

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