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Here at Delivery.com we value the service of our restaurants towards customers—and it is for you, dear readers and patrons, that we took it upon ourselves, we interns, the great task of ordering lunch: a great hardship, yes, but a grand experiment. And we live to serve — do you know how hard it is to wait while someone photographs your lunch?? All you want to do is eat it! And one can’t eat and write notes at the same time—you’re forced to put down whatever utensils your using to write about the food you are now no longer to shove into your mouth! It’s difficult. And yet, we are here to review, for you, one of our many fine vendors at Delivery.com: 9 Edo Sushi and Grill.

We here at the office love us some sushi: if we go out to lunch as a group, or order together, sushi’s always a good bet since basically everyone loves it. And located at 9 East 17th, Edo delivers right to us in Gramercy! Needless to say, there was no debate. Between myself and Ezra, we ordered the three roll lunch special (Ezra), plus the pan-fried pork gyoza and the “I Need That” roll (Ada), and could barely wait the twenty minutes it took from the on-line delivery form to our office.

Ezra says:
The three roll lunch special includes three rolls of your choosing, plus a choice of either miso soup or salad: for me, it included the chicken tempura roll, crunchy spicy tuna roll, crunchy spicy salmon roll and the miso soup. The chicken tempura portion was very generous, and is a great deal because usually tempura rolls aren’t included in lunch special deals. The chicken tempura was tasty and crunchy, although it could have been a little more flavored (I think a teriyaki sauce would of worked well.) I would order the chicken tempura again because it was good, only next time I’ll ask for some teryaki sauce on the side. The crunchy spicy tuna roll was really tasty and fresh. I could taste just enough of the crunch without it overbearing the rest of the taste of the spicy tuna. The spicy salmon was similar to the spicy tuna. The fish tasted fresh and the rolls were nicely put together. The miso soup was tasty also, with little cubes of tofu and slices of seaweed mixed in. Overall I was really satisfied with the meal and I would definitely order it again. For $12 I got three rolls of good sushi and a miso soup. It’s hard to find a better deal in New York City for such high quality food.

Ada says:

The six pan-fried pork gyoza (I prefer fried to steamed gyoza) were light–not heavy with grease like other fried gyoza can be. The sauce that came in a cup on the side was absolutely delicious: it, too, was light, but decidedly spicy (for me, the spicier the better). It was actually one of the tastiest gyoza sauces I’ve had in a while…I’d dunk my dumpling in it and just kind of let it drown there for a couple seconds before eating it! However, maybe it was because the actual taste of the gyoza was a little bland: yeah, it’s just pork, but I didn’t detect any hint of spices, and there were maybe only a couple pale-green flakes of veggie in each dumpling. But, all things aside, these were definitely much lighter than the grease-laden dumplings that can come out of many cheaper sushi joints.

In the list of creative and enticing rolls on the Edo menu, I chose the “I Need That” Roll — because who am I to disagree with a name like that? Besides, it’s only been a year since I’ve discovered the joys of eel, so I did “need” this roll with King crab and cucumber, topped with eel and avocado! What struck me first was the meaty taste of eel and the fluffy and light texture of the roll: it was actual crab! Unlike fake stick-crab, you could actually picture someone taking these bits of crab from a shell, probably only a couple hours ago. The meatiness of the eel and the smokiness of the sauce on top really went nicely with the softness of the crab. Although, at times, it seemed like the eel was a little bit overpowering, there was enough crab in the roll to make a difference so you could really taste it. Although I’d have liked for there to be enough cucumber and avocado to make a difference in taste, the seafood was fresh and tasty! I’d eat here again in a heartbeat, but next time I’d try another one of their specialty rolls.

9 Edo Sushi & Grill: 9 E. 17th St., New York, NY 10003


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