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Today marks the first official day of summer, and there’s no better way to welcome the warm weather than with an outdoor picnic! We love picnics for their low-key, relaxed summer vibe, but we don’t always love the cooking and prep-work that goes into them. Solution? Delivery.com!

We rounded up some of New York’s best picnic spots and the best restaurants near them. Now instead of spending time making sandwiches and potato salad yourself, you can just order from Delivery.com, stash your food in a basket and take your picnic treats right to the park. It’s picnicking made easy!

Prospect Park:

  • Windsor Cafe, 220 Prospect Park West: Whether you want a wrap, sandwich, smoothie, desert, mac and cheese or potato salad, this cafe’s menu is filled with picnic favorites that are light, comforting and satisfying.
  • Kiku, 177 5th Ave: Sushi – easy light and perfect for sharing – is our new favorite picnic food.  Shock your sushi palate with Kiku’s wild creations, like the Paradise Roll, spicy lobster, fried banana shrimp tempura wrapped in sesame soybean nori.

Bryant Park:

  • Olympic Pita, 58 W 38th Street: New Yorkers love falafel. Take a break from shoveling it in your mouth while eating on the run,and enjoy falafel from Olympic Pita on the lawn at Bryant Park instead.
  • Dallas BBQ, 241 W 42nd Street: Craving some good ol’ Texas BBQ for your picnic? Look no further than Dallas BBQ. Yes it’s a chain, but Dallas BBQ still offers mouthwatering, tender pulled pork and other BBQ classics like Southern-fried chicken tenders.

Union Square Park:

  • Bite, 211 E 14th Street: Don’t want to deal with the hassle of bringing lots of silverware to your picnic? Knives and forks aren’t an issue when you order delicious fuss-free sandwiches from Bite.
  • Tuck Shop, 68 E 1st Street: We love Australian food almost as much as we love picnics. Tuck Shop delivers authentic Aussie meat pies. Picnics and Australia – a perfect match.
  • The Loop, 173 3rd Ave: The Loop is a great spot to sample some crazy rolls while enjoying the outdoors. We’re dying to know what the Mohawk – soft shell crab, tuna, avocado, chive topped with creole sauce and golden flakes – tastes like.

Washington Square Park:

  • Wine Therapy, 171 Elizabeth Street: Spruce up your picnic with some vino! Wine Therapy has wines from boutique vineyards all around the world at affordable prices.
  • Quantum Leap, 226 Thompson Street: Vegan and vegetarian eaters, we know you love picnics too and those BBQ ribs just won’t do. Quantum Leap offers vegan and vegetarian dishes that could even convert meat lovers. The Taco Ole Platter seems to be a fan favorite and an interesting take on vegan Mexican food.

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