Merchant of the Week: Hummus Kitchen

Hummus Kitchen’s signature dish comes with plenty of toppings.

There are few better ways to get your daily dosage of protein and vitamins than by the flavorful bite of hummus; and in New York, there are few restaurants who specialize in hummus better than Hummus Kitchen, which is located conveniently in Hell’s Kitchen and also in the Upper East Side.

Don’t let the name fool you, though. Serving Mediterranean cuisine like warm, crispy falafel with Tahini sauce and chicken kebabs over Majadra rice or vegetable couscous, Hummus Kitchen has more to offer than just hummus. Take for example the Super-Healthy Salad, a perfectly balanced meal of quinoa, apricot, cranberry, walnuts and yam finished with lemon juice and mint dressing, that is truthfully as super-delicious as it is good for you!

Of course, who goes to a place called “Hummus Kitchen” without trying the hummus, right? For those seeking a taste of this gourmet hummus, there’s the Hummus Kitchen Platter, which features four different types of the highest quality chickpea spread. All of these spiced hummus portions are topped with paprika and extra virgin olive oil and are so unbelievably smooth that you might just get lost in its velvety goodness. And the best part of all? Hummus is a perfect no-heat treat for when the temperatures in New York are soaring, like they are today!

Order in to experience a taste of the Mediterranean cuisine from Hummus Kitchen delivered straight to your door today!

Hummus Kitchen at 768 9th Ave
Delivery Zone: 42nd St. to 62nd St. and 5th Ave. to 12th Ave.
Delivery Hours: Daily 11am-11pm

Hummus Kitchen at 1613 Second Ave.
Delivery Zone: 72nd St. to 96th St. and 5th Ave. to East End Ave.
Delivery Hours: Daily 10:45am-10:45pm
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