Caters to Your Diet Needs!

A macrobiotic meal from Souen in NYC

Finding a tasty meal that follows dietary regulations or allergies to products like gluten can be difficult to find – especially when it comes to ordering out. But delivery isn’t all gluten-packed pizza and meat-filled sandwiches. Luckily, has  some of the city’s best restaurants that cater to gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and kosher diets!

Take a look at these merchants – just a few of the restaurants on with dishes to suit all of your dietary needs.

  • Pie by the Pound (gluten-free options) Who says you can’t eat pizza just because you can’t eat gluten? Pie by the Pound certainly doesn’t. The pizzeria offers a gluten-free option for every original variety of cheese, meat and veggie pizza offered.  Top off your slice with Celiac-friendly desserts like Nutella pie or handmade marshmallows!
  • Dao Palate (vegan, vegetarian options) Serving an eclectic variety of pan-Asian inspired dishes from Pad Thai to General Tso’s Soy Protein, Dao Palate is based on the highest standards for strictly vegetarian cuisine. Enjoy Dao Palate’s food made with daily bought fresh vegetables from local farmers without breaking your wallet.
  • 2nd Ave Deli (kosher options) Famous for the generously portioned pastrami sandwich as well as for more traditionally Jewish dishes like chopped liver and matzoh balls, 2nd Ave Deli is the go-to deli favorite for many who love a good, home cooked kosher meal.

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