Ode to Midtown East (and its Eats)

New York City is known for it’s maddening array of neighborhoods: we’ve got the East Village, West Village, Lower East Side, Gramercy, Harlem…and don’t even get us started on Brooklyn!  And with each neighborhood, comes a different cuisine! Unfortunately, when it comes to food, some perfectly fine neighborhoods are often looked over by New Yorkers looking to try some exciting new foods.  One of these is Midtown East.

There’s still something very “old NY” about Midtown East that brings to mind Mad Men and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Some may think that all the neighborhood has to offer are business men and women and skyscrapers, but Midtown East has much more: from Kip’s Bay to Murray Hill to Gramercy and beyond, whether you’re a tourist or a local, we’re here at Delivery.com to bring you a simple guide of things to in Midtown East.  So please, explore the grid before heading home…and getting delivery from one of our many vendors from the area, of course!

First, the monuments: unlike the chaos of Times Square, this part of Midtown has a bunch of must-see sights, without the crush of tourists.  And even if you’re a hardened local, just take a moment to look up!  Start off at the Chrysler Building (405 Lexington Avenue), and either look up in awe or brave the lines to go to the tippy top.  To catch a break from all the modern and imposing skyscrapers, make your way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral (460 Madison Avenue) to escape the noise outside.  Or, head east towards the water to visit the United Nations Plaza (at 1st Ave. and 44 Street).  For some fresh air, meander over to Central Park. Central Park marks the beginning of the Upper East Side, and is a great place to go if you really want to be removed from the overwhelming concrete and busyness of the city.

For food, whether you’re a tired local coming home from work, a power(fully)-hungry executive, or a tourist in a hotel (cheaper than room service!), we at Delivery.com have a lot of quality restaurants to offer.  Sample, if you will:

  • 2nd Avenue Deli: We’d be remiss to not mention this staple of New York cuisine.  This deli is quintessentially New York, and has THE best pastrami…ever.  And you can get it at your apartment!  Do it!
  • Cafe Bonjour: With an extensive menu featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring pizza, pastas, and items off the grill, Cafe Bonjour is sure to satisfy your appetite.
  • East Pacific: This bistro specializes in Asian-fusion cuisine, and here you’ll find a wide selection of Asian appetizers, salads, noodles (like Pad Thai and Mei Fun), and a huge variety of sushi and sashimi.
  • Moonstruck Diner: We like places that deliver at any hour; thus, we like Moonstruck Diner.  Fill up at all hours on eggs, BLTs, soups, and wraps.
  • Natureworks: Order in from Natureworks if you want tasty, healthful meals on the cheap.
  • Smorgas Chef: With other locations in the city, Smorgas Chef offers up a–dare we say?–smorgasbord of Swedish delights.

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