Keep Cool with These Dishes

There are foods besides ice cream and ice-cold beverages to keep you cool this summer.  If you want to eat a real meal and keep your temperature down during a heat wave, order one of these cool foods from!

Soup doesn’t get any more thirst-quenching than gazpacho.  Originally from Spain, and conveniently available for order from Spanish restaurants, gazpacho is a tomato-based cold soup with a variety of raw, diced vegetables inside.  Spoonfuls of gazpacho are a great way to get tons of nutrients from veggies while avoiding the typical scorch of hot soups.

Where to order: Cafe Espanol (172 Bleecker Street, NYC, Sala One Nine (35 West 19th Street, NYC), El Faro (823 Greenwich Street, NYC)

Cold Noodles
Like soup, noodles usually come served hot–but they can be incredibly delicious and refreshing when served cold.  Cold sesame noodles and cold peanut noodles are two examples of flavorful Asian noodle dishes that will make it possible for you to eat outside in this weather without melting.

Where to order: Empire Szechuan Noodle (4041 Broadway, NYC), Oriental Noodle Shop (135 East 45th Street, NYC), Red House (203 East 14th Street, NYC), Shanghai Pavilion Restaurant (1378 3rd Avenue, NYC)

This one is a bit of a no-brainer.  Raw fish, rice, and seaweed means sushi is cool and the perfect meal for balmy days.

Where to order: Nu Sushi (76 Pearl Street, NYC), Osaka Vibe (355 Bowery, NYC), Miyako Sushi (642 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC), Planet Sushi (380 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC)

Guacamole & Salsa
It might not seem like enough for a meal, but a big order of chips & guacamole & salsa can be quite filling (especially the guac part, which has plenty heart-healthy fats from the avocados).

Where to order: Pinche Taqueria (333 Lafayette Street, NYC), Pinche Taqueria (227 Mott Street, NYC), Bamboleo Mexican (170 Bleecker Street, NYC), Mercadito (179 Avenue B, NYC)

Ceviche, or citrus-marinated seafood, avoids the heat of the skillet thanks to the cooking powers of citric acid.  Lemon and lime juice marinates the seafood, giving it plenty of fresh flavor and pickling it at the same time.

Where to order: Mercadito Grove (100 7th Avenue South, NYC), Super Pollo Restaurant (865 Woodward Avenue, Ridgewood, NY), Manolito (1586 2nd Avenue, NYC), Agozar: Cuban Bistro (324 Bowery, NYC)

The next time you’re checking out your favorite menus, keep these cold and summer-friendly dishes in mind in order to have a light, refreshing meal.


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