Less Sprinkles, More Crickets

This week, we’re taking a break from our regular “What We’re Ordering” feature to bring you something a little more adventurous. Genevieve Kim, one of the Delivery.com summer interns, made a trip to Brooklyn today to check out Wicked Spoon. The recently-opened frozen yogurt shop prides itself on inventive toppings, like chocolate-covered crickets, which Genevieve tried! Wicked Spoon doesn’t offer delivery, but maybe if enough of you request to see their menu (insects and all) on Delivery.com, they’ll change their minds.

The chocolate-covered cricket on top of frozen yogurt

The fro-yo craze has long since taken New York by storm as a healthier but equally as satisfying alternative to ice cream. Whether it’s served in a truck or in a chic shop, this tart and tangy frozen treat has expanded to include more flavors and more extravagant toppings than ever before. Now, joining the ranks of Pinkberry and Red Mango is Wicked Spoon, located in Brooklyn.

One of the most distinctive things about this newly opened yogurt shop/eatery is the variety and eccentricity of some of their toppings. Among the list of staple fruits and candies are also stranger options for the more adventurous of taste such as wasabi peas, buffalo wing peanuts and, without a doubt the strangest of all, chocolate-covered crickets. Braced with the rationale that nothing covered in chocolate could possibly be a bad thing, I ordered one of these critters atop my original flavored yogurt with white chocolate drizzle, coconut, and pineapple. Within minutes I received my sweet, cricket-less concoction and was then pointed to a small box that held a few plastic pouches.

Inside these unassuming bags contained a small gold foil-wrapped nougat and a bright purple pin which read, “I ATE A BUG CLUB.” The nougat was smaller than a fun-size Crunch bar and appeared to be no more than just an innocent piece of milk chocolate, save for a tiny bump on the lower end of one side which, examined closely, revealed to be the encased formation of tiny legs and a tiny brown insect body. The actual eating of this confection included less dignity than I would like to admit, but finally I popped it in my mouth and chewed bravely…all the while cringing. At first, only the richness of chocolate was evident, but the light crispiness of the bug within quickly came through. Other than the slight bitterness of the brittle rice-paper like texture that the cricket added to the piece of candy, there was very little flavor in the nougat besides the  chocolate.

Wicked Spoon proudly features high quality frozen yogurt that come in flavors such as pomegranate and red velvet cake as well as delectable whoopie pies, or two pieces of freshly-baked cake fused together with fro-yo. Since opening last week, Wicked Spoon has sold over sixteen of these critter-filled confections and for being only 30 calories, it’s not a bad way to get some protein into your diet!


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