Delivery to Your Dorm: Fordham at Lincoln Center

Summer is flying by, and before you know it, it’ll be time to head back to school and hit the books! In anticipation of September the interns are rounding up some of the best college eats for students across the nation. This week: Fordham University’s campus at Lincoln Center.

Among Lincoln Center, the Time Warner Building and The Metropolitan Opera house, lie some very hungry Fordham University students. The area is beautiful and filled with things to do, but when college students are stuck studying, there’s only one thing they really want – some good food. . As a fellow college student I feel your pain and understand that a Cup-a-Soup diet can only last so long. So, we’ve rounded up some delicious and affordable food fixes that are available on

  • Pasha, 70 W 71st Street: After a long day of studying, you want food and sleep. Pasha offers delicious food coma inducing Turkish food. The Manti is an overwhelming crowd pleaser – tender steamed dumplings filled with ground lamb and fresh mint, drizzled with a light garlic yogurt sauce. If it sounds too good for an appetizer, don’t be afraid to super size the order and ask for the entree portion.
  • Big Nick’s Pizza and Burger Joint, 70 W 71st Street: Craving a burger and don’t want to torture your stomach with fast food? Delivery until 4:30 am, great prices and a menu that could actually take 10 minutes to read through, Big Nick’s is a college student’s best friend. I can’t wait to try the Zapata burger, melted cheddar cheese, guacamole and bacon – good bye tight jeans!
  • Columbus Gourmet Food, 261 Columbus Ave: Maybe sometimes college students get tired of the greasy, freshmen 15-causing food and want something healthy and light, but still full of great flavor and taste. Columbus Gourmet has just that – so many options to create a yummy salad and don’t be shy, ask them to flip it, mix it or chop it and they’ll willingly oblige. Also, if you’re sweet tooth is calling try one of their many Truly Fat-Free muffin options, the Cappuccino one is calling my name.
  • Maoz Vegetarian, 2047 Broadway: So if you’re like me and experienced Maoz in Amsterdam, then you’ve been savoring the taste and dreaming about the falafel crunchy goodness. You’ll be equally surprised and ecstatic to realize that the real deal is right here all over Manhattan. And there’s one right by Fordham that delivers – you lucky dogs! I think you know what to order here, the one and only Maoz Falafel Sandwich.
  • Raku- It’s Japanese II, 57 w 76th Street: Sometimes the entree prices can creep away from a college budget, but there are plenty of other affordable dishes that can satisfy a sushi fix. I couldn’t help it, I was craving sushi so I decided to try this place out for myself. It lives up to all it’s great reviews. I had seaweed salad and the red dragon roll (spicy crunchy tuna with tuna on top). Everything was so fresh and tasty, I only wish I ordered more.
  • Viand Cafe, 2130 Broadway: Cheap and quality diner food is something every New Yorker should be privileged to. Viand Cafe offers just that, and delivers until M=midnight. Always good and reliable, Viand has so many options on their menu, and can satisfy almost anyone’s late-night cravings.
  • Seven’s Mediterranean Turkish Grill, 158 W 72nd Street: Another Turkish and absolutely delicious option. Customers cannot stop raving about Seven’s and the claim has been made that they serve the best hummus ever. There are so many choices on the menu at affordable prices. With food so fresh and delicious how are you not already browsing their menu?
  • Saffee Sandwich Bar & Coffee, 330 W 58th Street: What college student doesn’t understand the need for good coffee? Saffee has all your deli needs including bagels, sandwiches and great coffee. They also have plenty of healthy, low-fat options including low-calorie omelets, healthy, hot oatmeal,and a 96% fat-free Tuscan chicken sandwich with roasted peppers, watercress and artichoke aioli on ciabatta.
  • Luigi’s, 936 8th Avenue: Don’t worry – I wouldn’t leave off a great place to get delicious pizza. Not only does Luigi’s serve pizza that stands against many places in NYC, they also have other classic Italian dishes. Most people love the chicken salad and personally, I’m dying to try the garlic knots.
  • Tina’s Restaurant, 23 W 56th Street: Tired of the boring every day cafeteria food and the usual ethnic cuisine? Tina’s is one of those hidden gems in Manhattan, featuring scrumptious and cheap Cuban grub. The fried pork sandwich can compete with any from Cuba. Everything is authentic and because it’s so cheap don’t be afraid to sample as much as possible.

Hope this helps your cheap eats needs. has many other options in the neighborhood, so after you’ve tried all my suggestions, don’t worry – you won’t go hungry.


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