What We’re Ordering: SPOT Dessert Bar

After a long day of putting up new Delivery.com stickers on the windows of all of your favorite restaurants – keep an eye out for them! – fellow intern Tracy and I were tired to say the least. We were getting that 3:30 feeling, as the commercial so painfully describes, and were in need of a pick-me-up. The solution? SPOT Dessert Bar – nothing like some sugary treats to get you through the day!

This East Village sweets emporium, has an upscale selection of cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, drinks and plated dessert specials, all with an Asian influence. It’s an innovative concept that did not disappoint.






Green Tea Ice Cream with Black Tapioca

The first item I had was the Vanilla Caramel Vietnamese Coffee Cupcake, a mouthful I know. However, aside from the long name, this cupcake was fantastic. First off, the size was just big enough so that when you take a bite, you get a nice proportion of cake to frosting. Starting with the frosting, it is pretty sweet, but delicious because of the depth that the coffee adds. It is a little grainy in the sense that it is not as smooth as your traditional butter cream frosting, but nonetheless, captures the sweetness category with its caramel crunch and coffee frosting. Next is the actual cupcake. Upon first bite I thought it was going to be a little dry, but much to my surprise it was moist, savory and the perfect compliment to the frosting. This is where the vanilla comes into play and it is the perfect ying to the frostings’ yang. The savory cake also had a little filling surprise in the middle which really brought both components together to add a third layer of flavor. This consisted of caramel and other spices to really enhance the depth of the overall cupcake. If it sounds like there was nothing to complain about, you’re right because I could gladly scarf down about 5 of these.

Second on the dessert menu was a green tea ice cream with a black tapioca toppings. I read from many reviews that this was the best ice cream flavor to try and the black tapioca was my attempt to be adventurous and different. The ice cream was fantastic something that I would definitely order again. It had a deep flavor that brought out the sweetness and complexity of green tea, while not being too sweet. The black tapioca topping didn’t provide much flavor, but did offer a nice textural contrast from bite to bite. It was actually a nice compliment to the cupcake, as I took alternate bites as one was sweet (cupcake) and the other was cool and flavorful but not so sweet (ice cream).

Overall it was a great afternoon pick me up. It’s not often that Asian flavors grace ice cream or cupcakes, and as a foodie I would have preferred nothing less.



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