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Boston is a small city that is filled with lots of great restaurants, which unfortunately often come with big prices. However, being a city in which one in every three people is a college student, there are plenty of good and more importantly, affordable, eats available for those days when the dining hall burgers just don’t cut it.

Students will be flocking back to Boston in just a couple weeks, so here’s a list of 10 restaurants that every Boston University co-ed should remember when ordering in.

  • Zaftigs (avg. price range: $10-$15) Named for the Yiddish word meaning “plump,” Zaftigs is one way to make every ounce of that “freshmen fifteen” worthwhile. This delicatessen has been mentioned frequently in publications such as New York Magazine’s “Grubstreet,” Thoughtful Eating and BU Today for their famed brunches and sandwiches. One pastrami that stands above the rest is “The Lupo,” which involves hot brisket and horseradish that is embraced between two crispy potato pancakes and bathed in vegetable gravy. Needless to say, if you are looking for a fully satisfying, belt-unbuckling meal, it doesn’t get much better than this.
  • Sunset Cantina Grill and Tap (avg. price range:$5-$15) A favorite of many college students, Sunset Cantina specializes in gourmet junk food such as nachos, quesadillas and sweet potato fries along with its extensive selection of quality beers. Get these munchies ordered in for a game that you’re hosting or for just a casual night in with friends.
  • J.P. Licks (avg. price range: $4-$7) J.P Licks’ homemade flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt lead lines of people to its doors in every season, regardless of the temperature outside. But now that you can order from the popular ice cream spot at, waiting in line is a thing of the past! Along with the expected ice cream flavors, they also offer the sometimes eccentric monthly flavors, soft/hard yogurt, frappes, smoothies, sundaes, cakes and pies.
  • Anna’s Taqueria (avg. price range: $2-$5) There are many well-known burrito chains that exist in Boston; none, however, quite match the authentic Mexican flavor of Anna’s Taqueria. There this simple eatery has a minimal, but delicious menu; tacos, quesadillas, and burritos are stuffed with seasoned meat and fillings with lightning speed and wrapped in tin foil. Be wary of these unsuspecting burritos, however, for a taste of Anna’s Taqueria is likely to develop into future cravings!
  • Angora Cafe (avg. price range: $5-$15) It is difficult to find affordable food that is equally as flavorful as it is good for you, but Angora Cafe is surprisingly successful in accomplishing taste in its healthy salads, sandwiches, carb control wraps and flat-bread pizzas. Make sure to try the frozen yogurt that you create by choosing the toppings and fruit to be blended!
  • Thai Dish (avg. price range: $6-$10) There are those days when our stomachs crave for that slightly hot, slightly sweet taste that only a good Thai dish can really satisfy. For those days, order a hot curry fried rice or perhaps the time-trusted pad see-ew from Thai Dish.  Your meal is sure to arrive quickly and is a nice break from Chinese take-out.
  • Paris Crepes and Smoothies (avg. price range: $2-$8) Most creperies offer sweet and savory crepes – the savory made with meat and cheese and the sweet with fruit or nutella. Not all creperies, however, extend the use of nutella to create frozen hot chocolate smoothies or lattes like Paris Crepes does. Expect to receive a huge crepe to munch on alongside that chocolate-hazelnut spread concoction!
  • Steve’s Greek (avg. price range: $10-$15) Even if you’re not the biggest fan of traditional Greek food, no need to worry; Steve’s Greek has more to offer than just feta. Along with their menu of shish kebobs and gyros are also their notable pasta dishes, some of which have won the Boston Globe Award.
  • Charley’s Saloon (avg. price range: $10-$20) If ever the need for comfort food strikes, Charley’s Saloon is the go-to place for home style mac-and-cheese, meatloaf and their award-winning clam chowder in Boston. Consider ordering in from their much acclaimed brunch menu and enjoy a Charley’s Saloon warm biscuit and frittata in the languor of your own home.
  • Asia Wok (avg. price range: $7-$11) As a college student, ordering Chinese-take out is an inevitability. Although not located in Chinatown, Asia Wok serves extremely generous portions of good-quality Chinese food at a reasonable price. Best of all, meals are usually delivered within half an hour of ordering and is guaranteed to be hot when it hits the table.



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