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Try a Seaweed Salad from Souen.

Salads, salads, salads! Here at we’re crazy about salads, and that’s because we’ve got some of the most unique salads in New York City!

Forget wilted cabbage and ranch dressing; from the bizarre to the those time-trusted classics, these salads are anything but boring. So whether you’re a vegan or consider french fries a vegetable, we’ve got something that will turn you into a salad lover!

Not-Your-Average-Fruit-Salad Salads

Grapes, little cubes of cantaloupe, the occasional strawberry …yeah, yeah, we’ve all been there and done that.  Try these salads if you’re looking for an innovative way to incorporate some natural sweetness, and of course your essential vitamins and minerals, into a delicious meal.

  • Red Wine Poached Pear Salad Appetizer by Nino’s: Red wine poached pears over arugula and tossed with fennel, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, endives drizzled in rice wine vinaigrette
  • Watercress, Belgian Endive, and Apple Dinner Salad by Barking Dog Luncheonette: With bleu cheese, sun-dried cranberries and grilled Yukon gold potatoes sprinkled with Cider Thyme Vinaigrette
  • Green Papaya Salad by Thai SeasonFresh julienne papaya, string beans and tomatoes tossed in a lime juice sauce
  • Tropical Salad by SapphireGreens, cherry tomatoes, orange, pineapple, mangoes and olives topped with olive oil dressing
  • Bengali Chicken Salad by Popover Cafe: Grilled chicken with apples, currants, red onion, scallion and garam masala in an orange dressing and garnished with fresh seasonal fruit
  • Field of Dreams Salad by Manhattan Diner: Fresh Norwegian salmon over top organic field greens, fresh strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, toasted almonds and feta cheese tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

It still counts as a salad…” Salads

For those of you making the transition into broadening your culinary horizons from your local Wendy’s, we’ve made it easy for you with these options that serve as a limbo between vegetables and fast food.  So what if it’s topped with hamburger patties and fried chicken?  It’s still a salad, right?

  • Salad Burger by E.J’s Luncheonette: A juicy eight ounce hamburger patty topped with sliced avocado, bacon and your choice of cheese over mixed greens with tomato, cucumber and red onions
  • Country-Style Fried Chicken Salad by Barking Dog Luncheonette: Crispy fried chicken with black olives, red onions and green beans mixed with Parmesan-ranch dressing
  • Thai Cobb Salad by Big Daddy’s Diner: Crispy fried chicken, thick-sliced bacon and  diced teriyaki chicken with red tomatoes, egg, scallions, diced sweet papaya and crunchy wonton noodles over mixed greens served with house spicy Thai dressing

Humble Salads

Try a simple salad for the minimalist in you!  With only a few high-quality ingredients, these dishes celebrate the taste of fresh, crisp vegetables the way they were naturally meant to be.  Perfect for a light meal, these humble salads won’t weigh you down.

  • Claire’s Salad by P.J. Bernstein Deli-Restaurant: Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sweet peppers and olives over lettuce
  • Shepherd’s Salad by  Zeytin: Freshly diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers and parsley drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon
  • Small Cafe Salad by Popover Cafe: Mushrooms, scallion and tomatoes over field of organic mesclun greens

Noodle Salads

You’ve seen pasta salads, so why not soba or ramen noodles?  Great to cool down with during the dwindling summer days, these chilled noodles are a perfect alternative to all-green salads.

  • Asian Soba Salad by Quantum Leap: Chilled Japanese soba tossed with Asian vegetables, Hiziki seaweed, marinated tofu strips and green & red cabbage drizzled in house wasabi-shoyu sauce
  • Ramen Salad by Souen: Cold ramen noodles mixed with vegetables, seaweed and white sesame seeds in in sesame vinaigrette
  • Ramen Salad in Miso Tahini by Souen: Cold ramen noodles mixed with vegetables, seaweed, corn, and white sesame seeds in Miso Tahini

Salads of the Sea

Much of the world’s best food come from the seas, and salads are no exception.  Whether you like your seafood raw or covered in coconut, take a dive into these fresh salads for a taste of the oceans.

  • Raw Tuna and Avocado Dinner Salad by EN Japanese Brasserie: Fresh raw tuna and sliced avocado served with wasabi soy dressing on the side
  • Soft Shell Crab Salad by Lime Leaf: Soft shell crab with spicy mango-avocado salad and chili lime dressing
  • Coconut Shrimp Lunch Salad by Barking Dog Luncheonette: Coconut shrimp over field greens with roasted red peppers, olives, grilled pineapple and drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette
  • Seaweed Salad by Souen: A combination platter of Konbu, Wakame, Red Akatosaka and Ogo Seaweeds

Duck Salads

If it looks like a duck and tastes like a duck, it’s probably a duck salad.  Hopefully one of these duck salads, to be exact.  Whether it’s swimming in sweet chili-lime sauce or served up French-style, take a break from chicken and try the forgotten poultry meat.

  • La Salade de L’atre by AOC: Diced duck, foie gras, red bliss potatoes, walnuts and mesclun salad
  • Duck Salad by Lime Leaf: Sliced duck breast with cashews, mango, mint, tomatoes and sweet chili-lime juice

Asian Salads

Have the flavors of the far east delivered right to your door today without moving an inch! Whether you want the real deal or just a taste of the exotic, we’ve got you covered with these Asian-inspired salads.

  • Thai Salad by Lime Leaf: Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, bean sprout and fried tofu with peanut dressing
  • Oriental Chicken Salad by Tasty Cafe: Tender chicken in a light sesame ginger dressing with Chinese noodles, oriental vegetables and orange segments served over house salad
  • General Lee’s Salad by Big Daddy’s Diner: Shredded Napa cabbage with diced crispy chicken breast, green onions, hearts of palm, carrots, roasted sesame seeds, diced sweet mango, mandarin orange slices,and crunchy egg noodles in a tangy Chinese sesame dressing

Meaty Vegetarian Salads

Who says vegetarians are missing out on hearty, satisfying, meat-filled meals?  Well, tell those people to take a look at these salads that are packed with robust flavor and protein that will leave you feeling full and heartily satisfied-without the meat.


  • Vegetable and Tofu Salad by Quantum Leap: Roasted seasonal vegetables and tofu drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette on top of a bed of romaine lettuce, mesclun, carrots, coleslaw and bean salad
  • Tofu Dinner Salad by EN Japanese Brasserie: House special tofu over Mizuna greens, cherry tomatoes and Japanese turnips served with yuzu dressing
  • Grilled Portobello Mushroom Salad by Gracie Muse Diner: Hearty grilled Portobello mushrooms over mesclun greens with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella sprinkled with balsamic vinaigrette

Mediterranean Salads

Everyone loves the cool, yet pungent flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.  Including perhaps some of the least “salad-like” dishes of any on our list, Mediterranean salads are a great way to eat healthy (and deliciously) in different ways than by munching on your veggies.

  • Tabouli Salad by Sido: Parsley, wheat germ, scallions and tomato with olive oil-lemon dressing
  • Yogurt Salad by Sido: Homemade Middle Eastern yogurt with cucumbers and special herbs and spices
  • Super Healthy Salad by Hummus Kitchen: Quinoa, apricot, cranberries, walnuts and yam with fresh lemon juice topped with mint dressing
  • Alexander the Greek Salad by Big Daddy’s Diner: Mixed greens with red tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled zucchini, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, olives and feta cheese.  Tossed with house herb-lemon vinaigrette and topped with hummus and pita chips
  • Mykonos Salad by Viand Cafe: Scallions, dill, imported Feta cheese, tomatoes and olives over top bed of lettuce


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