Merchant of the Week: Insomnia Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

So, here’s a common scenario: It’s late at night, let’s say 12:30 am, and you get hungry. You look around in your fridge and there is nothing too exciting. You open the pantry and debate over whether it’s worth it to cook something combined with the sorry ingredients you just noticed. The hunger is not life or death, but you want something to eat. What you really want is something quick, delicious and soothing. You remember the days when your mom had made fresh chocolate cookies that you could just heat up and have with a glass of milk.

Wait, there is a solution – Our merchant of the week Insomnia Cookies! The name says it all and you don’t have to worry about the disaster I described above. Why? Because Insomnia Cookies delivers absolutely delicious cookies and brownies from 6pm to 2:15 am…only!

University of Pennsylvania undergraduate, Seth Berkowitz originally launched the idea of Insomnia Cookies, catering to hungry college students who wanted something delicious late at night. Instead of the usual caffeine charged late-night pick-me-up students could opt for a sweeter snack.

Expanding beyond Pennsylvania, NYU students and just the usual night time muncher realized the amazing concept that Insomnia Cookies presented when they opened their brick-and- mortar restaurant on 8th street (the one on!).

Now, we know you might be overwhelmed because a snack that is universally loved is available on, and during the hours of the night when you need it the most. But it is possible for the idea of cookies at midnight to get better? Yes! They are so inexpensive it’s a crime to order only one cookie!

A box of goodies from Insomnia Cookies

The basic flavors like the sugar cookie, M&M and oatmeal raisin start at $1.00. In the middle are delicious brownies that are moist, fudgey and claim to “transport you to a decadent dream” for only $1.25! And lastly the more hearty, heavy duty flavors, like the triple chocolate and the deluxe s’mores will run you to $2.25.

Ready for a rundown of this one more time? Delicious cookies that are not only cheap but they are nice and warm, available to be delivered to your door until 2:15 am and all you have to do is go on! Well,I think that says it all. Happy late-night cookie indulgences!

Insomnia Cookies (50 W 8th Street,  New York, NY 10011)


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