August 19: Hot & Spicy Food Day

Extra-spicy phaal from Brick Lane Curry House

Fun fact: when I was a waitress, the chef at the cafe where I worked told me why he would serve spicy food in the summer.  In winter, you want to eat hearty food that will stick to your ribs and warm you up, but during the summer, spicy food will make you drink lots of water and keep you sweating, thus cooling you down! Smart, right?

I’ve also heard that because food spoils faster in warmer climates, cultures in those areas would spice up their food to the extreme to mask the taste of sub-par meat.  Whichever reason is as good as any to celebrate one of the best of all food holidays – Hot & Spicy Food Day! is here to help you do it right, with suggestions for some seriously spicy dishes that will definitely make you break a sweat. Pour yourself a glass of water (or better yet, milk), and get ready to dig in!

  • Brick Lane Curry House (306-308 E 6th St) If you want some seriously spicy food, look no further than Brick Lane Curry House.  Ever since they were featured on Man v. Food, customers have been lining up to try their infamous phaal challenge, which has to be made while wearing a gas mask! Are you up to it?
  • BonChon (207 W 38th St) Hot wings are a definite fan favorite, and everyone has their own opinions on what’s best.  What can’t be disputed is that these Korean wings are definitely tasty, and their spicy soy-glazed wings are serious business.  With a crispy crust and moist interior, they pack a delicious punch that everyone can enjoy.
  • Picante Mexican Cuisine (3424 Broadway) This little Harlem spot offers up affordable, authentic Mexican cuisine, and that means spicy!  Check out their fiery guacamole or hot-as-hell spicy verde salsa with your chips, then cool yourself off with a glass of horchata.
  • La Fonda (1364 Lexington Ave) Who can say no to more Mexican food?  To satisfy your craving for spicy cuisine, it’s worth it to order up some wonderfully spicy enchiladas from La Fonda.
  • Curry & Curry (153 E 33rd St) What else would you get here but spicy curry?  Actually, why don’t you get some flavorful chicken tikka masala, it’ll have your kitchen smelling amazing, and there’s nothing better than some superbly spiced chicken.
  • Thai Terminal (349 E 12th St) Thai food is renowned for its spiciness; if you can’t choose between any number of their noodle, rice, and stir-fry dishes, take our advice and get yourself all up on some curry puffs and green curry for a fantastically fiery meal.
  • Grand Sichuan (15 7th Ave S) Sichuan food is spicy, so what better place to order from than Grand Sichuan on 7th Ave?  Do yourself a favor and get the Chong Qing Spicy Chicken, a classic Sichuan dish that doesn’t skimp on the fire.

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