Top Chinese Food Orders in NYC

NYC loves Chinese food, but which item do New Yorkers order most?

In case you missed it, was mentioned in the New York Post today for our recent report on the top Chinese food orders in New York City!

We know New Yorkers love ordering Chinese food (who doesn’t?), but we were interested in seeing exactly which items they were ordering the most. We looked at thousands of your Chinese food orders on and here is what we found!

New Yorkers LOVE dumplings, which topped the list. After that NYC ordered the most egg rolls, spring rolls, fried rice and General Tso’s chicken. Rounding out the top ten most-ordered list were lo mein, wonton soup, sesame chicken, scallion pancakes and chicken with broccoli.

To hear what New Yorkers and Chinese restaurant owners in the city think about our list, read the full article here. Let us know what you think, too! Do your favorite Chinese dishes appear on our list or do you usually order something a little more different from your regular Chinese food spot on


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