Merchant of the Week: Energy Kitchen

A salad and smoothie from Energy Kitchen

Let’s face it: Americans aren’t exactly known for smart snacking. With so many busy people unable to find the time to cook for themselves, it’s easy to order a pizza pie or Chinese food every night of the week. Luckily, there are plenty of health-conscious restaurants out there – and on! – that offer feel-good options. Our Merchant of the Week, Energy Kitchen, is one healthy eatery that we really love!

Energy Kitchen boasts a hearty, healthy menu that everyone will enjoy. With nine locations in the New York area (8 in Manhattan and one in Hoboken), this health food chain is continuously expanding to bring you fresh food. All of the items are either baked, grilled, or steamed. The kitchen avoids frying items because “not all calories are created equal.” Better yet, no single menu item contains more than 500 calories, leaving you feeling full but not fatigued.

There are a wide variety of options available, allowing you to eat something other than a mixed greens salad without any of the caloric guilt. You can build a whole meal at Energy Kitchen to keep you going for hours on end. We recommend the BBQ chicken quesadillas or the bison burger as an entree with corn and edamame salad on the side. If you really want to give yourself a treat, try the peanut butter smoothie, a heavenly mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas. Told you this isn’t you’re average health food.

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