Great Eats for your Emmy’s Party

The Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast live on August 27 at 8 EST from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.  Can’t make it to the big event?  That’s ok – it gives you the perfect excuse to invite over a bunch of friends, order in from, and see which of your favorite shows are the big winners!

We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite party foods, some television-inspired treats, and suggestions of where to order all these great dishes on  This way, you can plan a fun and delicious Emmy’s event – and maybe surprise your friends with a few creative food platters.

Go the appetizers route. Nachos and wings and mozzarella sticks, oh my!  Not to mention jalapeno poppers, sliders, and cheesy dip (oh my oh my).  Ordering a bunch of appetizers ensures that everybody will find something they love.  Feeling the diet guilt?  Order a couple of big salads to even things out (at least a little bit).  Hey, this is a party after all.  Try Galaxy Diner & Atomic Wings (multiple locations).

Order exotic. Fun fact: Indian food is incredible for take-out.  The longer those chunks of meat or veggies sit in those delicious, spicy sauces, the better.  (If you’ve had day-old Indian food, you know this is especially true.)  Order a platter or two of Indian specialties, plus lots of rice and naan, for a great, warm meal around the TV (and great leftovers the day after).  Try Baluchi’s (multiple locations) & Indian Tandoor-Oven Restaurant.

The tried and true: pizza! Ah, pizza.  So perfect for delivery, so perfect for a party.  If pizza sounds too simple, get creative with the toppings.  Order the pizza you never thought you’d try: Caesar Salad Pizza!  Penne alla Vodka Pizza!  Taco Pizza!  The possibilities are pretty much endless these days.  Try Two Boots & Brick Oven Pizza 33.

Fancy it up for the grand soiree. Who says you need to order in cheap? has plenty of merchants that will bring fine dining straight to your door.  Put on your finest Versace, set the dining room table in front of the TV, and make your way through a four-course meal fit for a star.  Try En Japanese Brasserie & Scuderia.

Eat like you’re on your favorite TV show!

  • The Office – The folks on The Office always get together at Chili’s after work.  Why not order a meal from Chili’s on  We have 60 Chili’s across the country available for ordering .  Order Chili’s in Phoenix, Tallahassee, Miami, Dallas, Arlington, Atlanta, Chicago, and more!
  • 30 Rock – 30 Rock happens to be a real place, and these happen to be the merchants located right near the building. Liz Lemon would be ordering lunch from these places (were she real).  Try City Cafe & Dafni Greek Taverna.
  • Lost – Take a trip to a tropical island by ordering Caribbean favorites.  Try Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill & Jamaican Kitchen.
  • Mad Men – Mad Men is all about the advertising biz, changing social mores, and the 1960s.  Well, you can’t really eat the ad biz or social mores, but you can eat old(er) New York favorites like the folks on the show. Try AJ Maxwell’s Steakhouse & AOC Restaurant.
  • True Blood – You’re probably not going to eat/drink blood (we hope).  But you can still get down like a vampire by eating red food.  How about a nice penne with marinara sauce?  Spoon some into bowls for friends and chow down (go for penne or a similar shaped pasta to avoid the mess of dealing with spaghetti at your party).  Try Focacceria & Ancora Pasta Bar.

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