Pizza for…breakfast?

This breakfast pie from Motorino features fiori di latte and three farm eggs.

According to this article, breakfast pizzas are a new trend! The cheesy concoctions are popping up at restaurants around NYC, and feature toppings that differ slightly from your average dinner pie (think over-easy eggs instead of pepperoni).

We’re excited to see restaurants embracing a new breakfast food, but haven’t many of us already been enjoying pizza for breakfast for years? In our minds – and stomachs – there’s no better breakfast than a slice of pizza, usually leftover from last night’s dinner and straight out of the fridge.

What do you think? Did you pioneer the pizza for breakfast movement years ago when you enjoyed leftovers in the a.m. or are you excited to taste these new, gourmet breakfast pizza recipes?

“Have a slice for breakfast” [NYP]

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