900 Pies, Please

The pizzas arrive! Image via The St. Louis Business Journal

We’ve filled some big orders here at Delivery.com, but we’ve never had anything come close to this – an IT company ordered over 900 pizzas to be delivered to its employees worldwide!

Saavis, the company responsible for the gigantic order, treated the entire company to some free slices as a job well-done for increasing their second quarter earnings. The pizzas came from none other than Pizza Hut (what other pizza place has locations around the world and could deliver 900 pies in one day?) and went to offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

On one hand, we can’t help but feel bad for those delivery people who were responsible for delivery the 900 pies, but on the other hand we can’t stop thinking about how many Delivery Points they would have received for ordering 900 pizzas! Come to think of it, we do have over 30 Pizza Hut locations on Delivery.com. There’s always next time, Saavis.


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