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Last week, we highlighted Num Pang, a Greenwich Village Cambodian sandwich shop, as our merchant of the week. This week, we found out that we’re not the only fans of Num Pang!

The New York Times recently interviewed actor Oliver Platt as he enjoyed a sandwich at Num Pang. The actor knows food (he is the brother of New York Magazine restaurant critic Adam Platt) and says that Num Pang is one of his go-to spots. Platt ordered a grilled skirt steak sandwich and a watermelon juice, and had this to day about his meal:

“When you bite into this food, something happens. These sandwiches are confusing with all the ingredients, but in such a delicious way.”

We couldn’t agree with Platt more, but we do have one bone to pick with him. The article mentions that Platt rides his bike to Num Pang for his sandwich fix. Doesn’t he know he could get the same delicious sandwich delivered to his door by ordering at :)


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