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Try the “Alabalik” or Grilled Trout at Ay Kitchen.  Image via nytimes.com

We know how great our merchants are, so we love when other people recognize them too! That’s why we were so excited to come across this story about Delivery.com merchant Ay Kitchen in the New York Times’ Dining Briefs today.

If you’re not already a fan of Ay Kitchen, a Turkish restaurant at the corner of Lexington and 28th Street, you will be after reading this article. The Times writes that Ay Kitchen’s food is “consistent” and that it is the perfect place for “a good Turkish meal” in NYC. They also suggest a number of dishes – from entrees to desserts – that are worth ordering. Here’s a look at the Times’ top picks – and a few of their words on each dish – from Ay Kitchen’s menu:

  • Shish kebab – “succulent”
  • Grilled trout (Alabalik) – “flaky and moist in a lemon-parsley marinade”
  • Pan-fried nuggets of calf liver (Arnavut Ciger) – “burst with macho flavor”
  • Dolma and kofte – “gain a becoming sweetness from currants and pine nuts”
  • Stewed leeks and carrots – “comforting and delicious”
  • Lamb and beef-stuffed eggplant (Karniyarik) – “satisfies the soul”
  • Semolina (Kazandibi) or almond pudding (Keskul)  “milky, fresh and just sweet enough”

To get a taste of any of these delicious dishes, place your order at Delivery.com today!

Ay Kitchen | 115 Lexington Ave.

Delivery Range: 14th St. – 46 St.; West Side Hwy – FDR Drive

Delivery Hours: Daily, Noon – 10pm


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