Domino’s Does Breakfast Pizza

Pizza. The breakfast of champions?

Last month, we wrote about a new trend that’s been replacing early morning pancakes and omelets with a different dish – breakfast pizza. Now, it looks like Domino’s is getting in on the breakfast pizza game too, with their own a.m. pie.

The breakfast pie features Domino’s signature crust topped with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese – basically your favorite breakfast omelet on a pizza – for $7.99. Like any other pizza, toppings can be added and Domino’s suggests bacon, ham, mushrooms, sausage, green peppers or jalapeno.

Unfortunately, for those looking to try the new creation for themselves, only one Domino’s is serving it so far. The location in Dayton, Ohio where you can find the pizza is also the only Domino’s branch open 24 hours a day. Makes sense, right?

“Domino’s franchise tries out breakfast pizza” [NRN]


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2 comments: On Domino’s Does Breakfast Pizza

  • Hi Phil from Domino’s here. Wanted to let everyone know that while we think this product is cool, this is not part of a test of breakfast pizza, and there is no plan to roll this out nationally. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the info, Phil!

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