Merchant of the Week: Xiao Ye

Xiao Ye and…a great combination!

You can find plenty of great fried chicken while browsing the menus at, but we’re 99% sure that we only have one merchant who will deliver Cheeto Fried Chicken to your door. users, meet Xiao Ye, one of the newest additions to the family! You may have already heard about this Lower East Side Restaurant (it’s been covered on local food blogs and papers) or be familiar with its outspoken and hilarious chef/owner, Eddie Huang, from his other restaurant Baohaus – also on

Whether you’ve already tried Huang’s signature Taiwanese cooking or not, you HAVE to try Xiao Ye. The restaurant specializes in cuisine inspired by Taiwanese late-night street food. Huang serves up dishes that are as hilariously-named as they are delicious. Seriously, don’t be scared away by ordering something with the word “poontang” in its name – it’s good! So, let’s get to the menu.

Xiao Ye’s menu is broken down into small, medium and large dishes, all designed to be shared. Don’t feel like sharing? We won’t tell and know one will know – you’re ordering in anyway! Whether you’re sharing or not, some of Xiao Ye’s must-order items include the Poontang Potstickers, General Poke-Her Face Prawns, Princeton Review Bean Paste Noodles, Buddha Sex Cabbage, and of course, that Cheeto Fried Chicken.

Whatever you order, it will be a tasty change-up from your standard Chinese take-out. And the best part? When you’re ordering from Xiao Ye at, you never have to worry about saying “poontang” out loud.

Xiao Ye | 198 Orchard St., New York, NY

Delivery Range: 14th St. to Canal, Avenue C to Broadway

Delivery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 6pm – 10:30pm


Visit on social media at Facebook and Twitter


Visit on social media at Facebook and Twitter



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