How NYC Orders Pizza

NYC loves late-night pizza!

Everyone knows that pizza is one of New York City’s favorite foods, but did you ever think about when New Yorkers order the most pizza? Or what topping they like best?

Today, the New York Post ran an article about NYC’s pizza-ordering habits, featuring data provided from It’s an interesting look at the pizza preferences of New Yorkers and also a great kick-off to National Pizza Month, which started on October 1.

So what did we find out while we were digging through thousands of pizza orders?

“Thursday is New York City’s pizza night.

It’s the most popular time to order a pie, according to data from, a site for online restaurant ordering.

And chances are, when it arrives, it’s been dealt a layer of pepperoni — the city’s topping of choice.

“Thursdays were surprising to us because Sunday is our busiest delivery day overall,” said company Vice President Jonathan Mark. “Friday and Saturday people go out to eat, but Sundays, because of football, I always think of as a pizza night.”

It seems that after going out Thursday evenings, New Yorkers crave a late-night slice, Mark said”

We also learned that even though people love ordering pizza for lunch and dinner, the majority of pizza orders in NYC are placed after 10 p.m. There’s nothing like a late-night slice, right?

For more fun pizza facts, check out the complete article here or watch this video from NY1 or this clip from FOX 5 News, where the article was mentioned.  And even though it’s not Thursday, all this pizza talk may make you hungry, so feel free to order a pie at!

“Thursday night and the living is cheesy” [NYP]

“In the Papers 10/4/10″ [NY1]

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