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There are two ways to donate to City Harvest at!

You’ve always been able to feed yourself at, but now you can help feed others too by donating to City Harvest!

City Harvest is the world’s first and New York’s only food rescue organization. Everyday they help those in need by connecting good food that would otherwise go to waste with people struggling with hunger. This year alone City Harvest will rescue 28 million pounds of food, helping to feed more than 300,000 men, women and children each week.

We  are excited and proud to now be part of City Harvest’s efforts to feed New York’s hungry by offering not one, but two different ways to donate to the organization on

  • Place an ‘Order’ for City Harvest! If you already know how to use, this is the easiest way to make a donation. Instead of placing an order at your favorite pizza place, go to the City Harvest ‘menu’ page. There, you can choose from different items like 21 pounds of food ($5) or feeding 2 New Yorkers for a week ($3). Order as much as you want, and then just check out like you normally would. The total cost of your order will be sent as a donation to City Harvest. To place an ‘order’ for City Harvest go here.
  • Redeem Your Points for a City Harvest Donation! If you are short on cash, the most affordable way to donate is by redeeming your points toward a City Harvest Donation – it’s donating for free! You can either make a $5 (10,000 points), $15 (30,000 points), or $25 (45,000 points) donation to City Harvest depending on how many points you have saved up. To redeem your points toward a donation, go here.

If you like what City Harvest is doing and want to get involved, it’s never been easier to show your support. Go to and help feed someone else today!


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