Merchant of the Week: Pita Grill

Healthy and tasty together!

If your New Year’s resolution involves shedding some pounds, Pita Grill is the place for you to order on Their menu of diet-friendly Mediterranean dishes makes eating healthy easy  – and delicious!

Like the name suggests, Pita Grill serves Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, and their menu is packed with dishes like Fattoush, Greek Salad, and a Falafel and Hummus Platter.

We happen to love Mediterranean fare and would be happy digging into a Lamb Gyro Platter any day of the week, but the good thing about Pita Grill is that their menu goes above and beyond the just the classics.

If you’re in the mood for something different, try their Veggie Burger with Spicy Carrot Tahini or the Chicken Rice Bowl, which features grilled chicken strips, arugula, tomatoes, green onion and brown rice, mixed with feta cheese and a red wine vinaigrette.

Best of all, Pita Grill has seven locations in New York and New Jersey on

Find the Pita Grill location closest to you, and order from them today at!

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  • I love the lemon chicken plate ask for extra lemon sauce and the spanakopita plate spinach cheese puffs . This place is a great choice in the Warner Center area for something tasty and a great change of pace from the typical burger and pizza fast food options…Nice sized portions good lamb and chicken dishes my favorite is the lemon chicken plate which comes with pita a very addictive lemon sauce salad and rice or fries…Also a good choice for vegetarians with their hummus falafel and babaghanoosh options.

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