Merchant of the Week: Artichoke Pizza

Artichoke’s signature pie. Image via Artichoke’s Facebook page.

With Super Bowl coming up, we have pizza on the brain! Did you know that Super Bowl is one of the five biggest pizza days of the year? Or that Domino’s will deliver over 9 million slices of pizza on Sunday? How about this fact? Papa John’s will cover 300,000 miles on their pizza deliveries during game day!

With all the pizza talk going on, it seemed only natural to feature a new pizza place as our Merchant of the Week., meet New York City’s Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Bar.

If you’re from the East Village/Union Square area, or just have a thing for late-night pizza, you’re probably already familiar with Artichoke. The original location of the pizzeria on 14th street, opened by two cousins from Staten Island, is a popular place for a late-night slice.

Last year, Artichoke opened a second location in Chelsea and answered our pizza prayers when they started offering delivery! The pizzeria serves a variety of pies that go beyond the classic New York slice. Try the Meatball Parmigiana or Crab Pizzas, or if you want the authentic Artichoke experience, order the – yep – Artichoke Pizza. It’s 18 inches of artichoke hearts, spinach, cream sauce, mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese, and it’s all yours at

Artichoke Pizza | 457 W. 17th St., New York, NY

Delivery Hours: Sunday – Wednesday, 11:30am – 10pm; Thursday – Saturday, 11:30am – Midnight

Delivery Range: 7th Ave. – West Side Highway; W. 11th St. – W. 29th St.


Visit on social media at Facebook and Twitter


Don’t live in NYC? Search for pizza in your area!



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  • We caught up with Team Artichoke Sal Basille and Francis Garcia and their partners Avenue and s Jason Strauss and Noah Tepperberg who told us the Chelsea and MacDougal locations are just the beginning. ..The team says its currently scouting locations uptown as well as in Williamsburg and Astoria for two or three more New York Artichokes. Papa John better watch out too. ..Also in the works Artichoke-infused beer that Garcia has been making in house and shopping to bottlers.

  • I thank to Artichoke Pizza for there fast services.

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