Merchant of the Week: Canis Minor Dog & Cat Boutique

Pets can use too!

We talk a lot about feeding ourselves here by ordering online from restaurants, but hungry humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Your pets can too! No, they can’t actually order (If you have a pet that can use a computer, we want to see!), but you can order food and supplies for them from local pet stores.

One pet store that’s helping out hungry pets on is Canis Minor Dog & Cat Boutique. With two locations, one in Tribeca and the other in Gramercy, this store has a good portion of New York City’s pets covered. Plus, their huge selection means that every cat or dog can find something they like.

Canis Minor specializes in products for small dogs, but offers items for larger breeds and cats as well. They carry dozens of pet foods from the basic brands to organic and specialty diet foods. Beyond grub, the store also sells grooming products, toys and treats – basically everything your cat or dog could ever want.

Our dogs have a habit of watching us chow down on whatever we’ve ordered. If your pets do the same thing, order online for them at Canis Minor. We can’t promise they’ll stop watching you eat that hamburger, but we do think they’ll love whatever you order for them.

Ordering from pet stores on is currently only available in select locations. Know of a pet store in your neighborhood that you’d like to see on Tell us about it in the comments and we’ll do our best to get them on the site, or even better, sign them up yourself and get paid for it!

Canis Minor Dog & Cat Boutique

Gramercy: 238 Third Ave., New York, NY

Tribeca: 106 Reade St., New York, NY


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