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We’ve definitely faced the same problem as @ramihaykal.  There are so many choices!
Thanks @mcmillan212, but do you love us more than you love Mexican food?
We love that @YaliSzulanski is wearing her snuggie. Love that @harper22s posted this even more. You both win!
We don’t know what we’d do without great users like @tracymoylan.
Hope it was delish, @erg617!



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  • The Flame Diner screwed up my order gave me a coffee instead of a tea if you order from them go through the phone either they do not know how to read or web page provided an error. The other bad part is that i wanted a Tea light and sweet and they gave me a coffee that was small for $1.60.. Unbelievable prices way too high.. The food is good but buyer beware.. Argued with the guy for 5 minutes on the phone too. I always thought the customer is always right…

  • @Curtis Sorry to hear you had a problem with you order. We’d be happy to help try to resolve the issue. Would you like me to forward your comment to our customer service team?

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