Bracket Challenge Winners!

We’ve been on the edge of our seats watching the NCAA tournament over the last few week right up until last night. But while the rest of the nation was wondering ‘UConn or Butler?’ we were thinking about who was going to come out on top in’s Bracket Challenge. When UConn took the title last night, one lucky user also won. Congrats to ryen.conley, the winner of a $150 gift card!

This wasn’t any ordinary victory though. If you take a look at the pool results, you’ll see that another contender, gretasharon, was right behind the winner in a very close second place. In fact, only the tie breaker set the two apart. In honor of the runner-up’s great picks and almost-win, we decided to award a $50 gift card to second place.

Want to see how you ranked? Check out the final results here. Thanks to everyone for playing along!


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3 comments: On Bracket Challenge Winners!

  • Jessica Bennett

    I can’t believe I ranked 3rd and made such horrible picks. This was a hard year for picking.

  • Charles Turner III

    Heartbreaking loss by Butler. UCONN just too much. Next up, the NBA playoffs!

  • That guy is a really lucky one! Congrats for wining! And i hope that sometime i’ll win too! I would love to have a $150 gift card from you.

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