Earth Day at!

You can still order at on Earth Day!

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day, but still want to order from You’re in luck. This year, we’re offering up some great suggestions and tips on how to go green, even when ordering out.

  • Click ‘Go Green': When you’re placing you’re order, make sure to select the “Go Green’ options during checkout. This means you’re opting out of receiving utensils, napkins and condiments (which you may not always use) and reducing waste!
  • Pick It Up: Instead of having your order brought to you by a delivery person in a car, opt to pick up your food instead! Taking a walk or riding your bike to go pick up your lunch is a great way to enjoy the outdoors on Earth Day.
  • Order From a Green Merchant: Lots of people equate ordering online with only unhealthy food, but the truth is, there are tons of organic, vegetarian, and vegan restaurants on We also are proud to offer ordering frommerchants who are doing their part to go green. Here are just a few great examples:

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