Winners! #lunch4aweek

Why do YOU want free lunch for a week from That’s the question we asked our Twitter followers last week, and they responded with some great answers. Check out some of our favorites below, and see who won the big prize!

To enter to win free lunch for a week, make sure you’re following @Deliverydotcom on Twitter. More giveaways are coming soon!

@whoknowsrebecca may not have won this time, but we still expect to see a picture of you ordering while wearing your Snuggie,
We love a good restaurant reviewer like @SavoirFaireLA
@lutherknanishu got right to the point – even if it had nothing to do with free lunch.
@kellereno just may have created our new slogan. “No to starvation, yes to lunch!”
We feel you @superduper. Cooking can be rough, especially when you’re not the best cook.
Don’t. Do. It. Please, @rgmofnyc, just order instead.

And finally, the winner! @MikeIsFunny is the ramdomly-chosen winner who’ll be taking home free lunch for a week! Mike, here’s hoping that you order something a little more exciting than guitar shaped paper clips (even though those sound pretty awesome.)

Enjoy the free lunch, @MikeIsFunny!



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One comment: On Winners! #lunch4aweek

  • Which got me thinking why not assemble a small army?..Im just one man. And sometimes I need help eating lunch. Sometimes one or two people will do it other times I need a crew of 8. All you have to do is and starting next month Im just going to start inviting people to lunch. Free lunch for you more variety for me.

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