CEO Blog: The Re-emergence of Local Commerce

At, we want to introduce you to what goes on behind the scenes at our company. So, we’re going to give the reigns of The Delivery Zone to our CEO Jed Kleckner every now and again to chat about the goings-on both in our industry and in our company.

In looking across the Internet landscape, what has become abundantly clear is that the Web is on a return path home. At, I am excited by this evolution. It means we are all getting back to doing things the way we, as consumers, always have, but this time around technology is an extension of what we do in our every day lives rather than a replacement of how we do it.

The way I see it, when the Internet was commercialized in the mid through late 1990s, many of the Internet-based companies that emerged during that time were eradicating commerce on a local level. While it may not have been their cause or their company mantra, “go forth and eradicate” (seeing that the word is hard to pronounce anyway), it certainly was an effect.

With the advancements of technology, in areas such as mobile, along with the rapid expansion of the Web’s audience not only in size but also in level of comfort with transacting online, the last few years have experienced a return path to local. Technology now is in the hands, literally, of consumers wherever they are, and merchants are eager to utilize the Web as a channel through which they can extend their reach and strengthen their voice in their communities.

At inception, our service only offered delivery where available from restaurants. Now is at the forefront of the online-to-offline local e-commerce market. As many of you have seen, we have expanded to not only offer your favorites from your local restaurant, but also caterers, grocers, florists, wine and spirit vendors and pet supply stores, enabling you to shop your neighborhood online.

Currently we are busy at work rapidly expanding our national footprint (did you know we have 10,000 merchants on our platform?) and extending our local e-commerce platform into the mobile world, starting with our iPhone app.

In addition I am extremely excited about our company’s innovative Partner program. Our company learned early on that we are only as good as our ability to service our consumers with relevant content. In our case, relevant content is merchants from which consumers want to order. So we are collaborating with Partners – people like you and organizations as well – that refer us to prospective merchants and users in exchange for sharing in any revenue generated from orders placed at those merchants or by those users.


In the coming months, will continue to evolve and improve its features and offerings, which I’ll be sure to expand upon here at The Delivery Zone, including existing developments such as:

  • New charity partners
  • Office – our offering for your office
  • Group ordering – no more yelling over the cubicle wall or your favorite salad shop coming to the office a dozen times each afternoon.
  • Expansion of’s mobile platform to support multiple devices.
  • More merchants. More merchants. More merchants.
  • More cities. More cities. More cities.


I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our upcoming plans, so please make suggestions or ask questions in the comments, and make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!



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