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Have dreams of being a food critic, but don’t have the cash to dine out at fancy restaurants every night? We’ve got you covered.

You can flex your food critic muscles when you order at by writing a review. Did you find the best sandwich in your city? Don’t keep it to yourself! Did you order the perfect pizza? Tell us about it! Here’s how reviews work:

1. You order at

2. After you’ve enjoyed whatever you’ve ordered, you receive an email from us, inviting you to review your recent order.

3. Write a review! Rate the merchant you ordered from and write a brief review of the items you ordered.

Not only will reviewing restaurants and stores on make you feel like this guy, but you’ll also be providing a great service to your fellow Reviews are one of the first things we look at when browsing new merchants. For example, take a look at these reviews for the NYC sandwich shop, Defonte’s of Brooklyn.

Just one look, and we know we’re in serious sandwich heaven!

So we want to know, do you review restaurants on Do you read reviews when you’re ordering somewhere for the first time? And most importantly, have you ever found a great new place on because of its reviews?


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3 comments: On Food Critics

  • How do I write a review? I can’t find a link and I didn’t receive an email inviting me to write one.

  • Hi Karin. Maybe you changed your email settings? If you didn’t receive an email, you can still write a review by clicking, ‘My Customer Account,’ then ‘Orders’ and ‘Rate your order.’

  • HORRIBLE service !! lunch was delivered 1.5hrs after it was orderd and all you offered was to reimburse the $5.99 Delivery fee. The driver can stick that up their A$$!! delivered cold and it was for our clients, geez!! they clearly never delivered to Downtown Dallas nor do they know that parking is a motha F(*&#$. boy, did they try to cover their a$$. estimated delivery is 45min-1hr, when i called to check status it was already an hour and the rep said the driver was just barely on his way from the restaurant. i guess everyone in downtown experienced the same 1.5hr lunch delay getting to/from their office/restaurant. Below is my email transcript with their ‘customer service rep’. shape up or move on!

    Dear Ms. Sanchez,
    We have followed up on your behalf with the delivery service that handled your order from Chili’s. He explained that because of the construction going on at Pearl Street they had to take a different exit and this led to the delay. Additionally, he cited the need to be able to find secure parking so they can make the delivery. He has offered to waive the 5.99 delivery fee in an effort to make this up to you. Please allow 5 – 7 business days to see this reflected on your credit card statement. I am sorry for the inconvenience and hope that your future orders are without incident.
    David Gorman
    Customer Service Representative

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