Merchant of the Week: Nanoosh

We have a few requirements for our summer lunches.

1. They shouldn’t be smoking, steaming or boiling. It’s hot out there, so a cool lunch is definitely appreciated.

2. The lighter the better. We can dig into rich dishes during other seasons, but in the salads and other light fare seem to be our go to summer lunches

3. Delicious. Of course.

Luckily, we have lots of restaurants on that meet our summer lunch standards, but one of our recent favorites has to be Nanoosh in NYC. With three locations in Manhattan and a menu full of Mediterranean dishes, Nanoosh is the perfect place for a tasty and healthy summer lunch.

At Nanoosh, the star of the menu has got to be the hummus – they do call themselves a hummus bar after all – and you can get it on a Hummus Plate, in a wrap, or simply as a side. Other must-order dishes include salads, like the Quinoa Salad or Tabouleh Salad, Lebane Wrap, and their signature dish the Hummus Nanoosh.

Nanoosh does offer some sweets too, but in keeping with their healthy, organic menu, their desserts, like the Organic Mediterranean Honey and Walnut Yogurt, are fairly guilt-free.

Best of all with three Nanoosh locations on, there’s a good chance that you can order it no matter where you are in NYC. Check out their menu for your self and place an order at Nanoosh today.

Nanoosh | 11 University Pl.

Nanoosh | 173 Madison Ave.

Nanoosh | 2012 Broadway


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