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How are we making better for college students?

At, we understand that our site is essentially a college student’s dream come true. Of course appeals to all kinds of users. But the lifestyle of a college student certainly can benefit from the convenience of ordering online from merchants near their campuses. We also recognize that today’s college student – more comfortable with e-commerce than ever before, constantly using technology, and seemingly always hungry from those late-night study sessions – is our ideal user. With that in mind, we’ve recently launched two initiatives on college campuses, that I think will make our relationships with college students even stronger.

College students today are equipped with ID cards, which unlike when their parents were in school, are connected to payment processing systems that enable family members to debit money to those cards for their children’s everyday purchases – a pepperoni pizza or a six pack of Red Bull – or whatever else they need at a moment’s notice from local merchants near campus. Seeing an opportunity to offer college students online ordering and a larger selection of local merchants, we have partnered with payment processing systems so college students can place orders on with their student ID cards. .

For example, NYU’s Campus Cash program, in partnership with, enables students to access and purchase everyday needs with their NYU student ID card from hundreds of merchants located near campus, whether it is from their dorm room, the school library, or when sitting in the center of NYU campus at Washington Square Park.

If Facebook taught us anything it is that the wants and needs of students at one school give a good indication of what students everywhere want. So we are quickly expanding our campus program nationwide, enabling college students to transact with the network of local merchants that they depend on whenever they are online, which for students nowadays is all the time, whether that be in Columbus, Ohio or Phoenix, Arizona.

And what better way to expand our campus program then by partnering with students and student organizations? As part of our innovative Partner Program, we share in the revenue we generate from every transaction placed by users or through merchants on the platform that were referred or enrolled by a Partner. Whether it’s the Technology Club, a fraternity/sorority, or the Debate Team, referring new users to or enrolling local merchants on means a potentially meaningful ongoing revenue share stream to that organization.

We’ve seen students successfully use the Partner Program to earn money for charity and clubs, and we were recently excited to hear about one creative college student in New York who is using the revenues he earns through the Partner Program to fund events and activities in his residence hall. Now, with a new school year kicking off, I’m looking forward to seeing what other innovative ways our users at colleges and universities will engage with, both as members of our Partner Program and as active users.


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