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As our economy struggles to find its way towards growth, the task of making America more competitive for the long haul is a job for all of us, for government and for private companies, according to President Obama. As the President said in his speech last week introducing the American Jobs Act, “all of us will have to up our game. All of us will have to change the way we do business.”

And so we are doing are part. Introducing the new and improved Office. Office is an inexpensive and efficient company perk that benefits employees and employers alike, at a time when retaining valued employees is crucial. Some companies, like Google or Facebook, get creative with the perks they offer, as highlighted in a recent article, from providing space for doctor’s offices to nap time.

But Office is a service for companies that doesn’t require setting aside space or time – it’s free to access and easy-to-use, and is available to employees whenever they need to purchase a meal or pre-order food for an upcoming meeting without having to leave their desks.

So what exactly is Office? It’s simple (watch our video). In a matter of a few minutes, an office administrator can create settings for your company, including when employees can order and how much they can spend, to keep budgets intact. Employees place their orders online quickly and easily from local restaurants, grocery stores, and more. We send the orders to the local merchants, who prepare your employees’ orders for delivery to your office. Oh, did I mention this service is free?

Gone are the days of work disruptions. Today, Office enables assistants to handle catering needs or order groceries for the office break room or kitchen while junior staff can utilize the service to get a bite when working late hours.

I may have CEO printed on my business card, but we all know who the most important person is in the office. For us, it’s Juli. For you, it’s probably the office manager who makes your office run smoothly and keeps meetings on schedule, and is the most resourceful and yet often at times underappreciated person in the office.

Here’s how Office can make their job easier:

  • Control how much your company is spending on food or other related items by setting budgets based on schedule, office location, and/or employee. Track expenses and create detailed reports, including company specific needs, employee spending, cost center spending, and more.
  • Spend less time accounting for your office’s food or other related spending by accessing customized reports in your Office account.
  • Streamline your billing process by easily exporting reports and information from your company’s Office account into your current accounting system.
  • Eliminate disruptions and save time with group ordering, a new feature that enables coworkers to order together, each from their own computer.

During these challenging economic times when strengthening company morale and the need for efficiency and cost cutting are paramount, why not test out Office? Email for more information or get started by signing up your company today.


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