And the winner is…

What would YOU order if you won free lunch for a week from

For the past week, we’ve been asking our Twitter followers to tell us what they would order if they won free lunch for a week from Your responses made us hungry (@MrSpadesss “If I win #lunch4aweek from @Deliverydotcom I’ll order My neighborhood’s menu and enjoy everything from japanese to bbq!) and made us laugh (@captainbigbones “If I win #lunch4aweek from @Deliverydotcom I’ll order 1 pizza from 7 different pizza places! #tastetesting”).

We loved hearing them all, but in the end there could only be winner. The random winner of this round of #lunch4aweek courtesy of is @iamsprung, who went with the obvious answer…lunch!

To enter to win free lunch for a week, make sure you’re following @Deliverydotcom on Twitter. More giveaways are coming soon!



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One comment: On And the winner is…

  • the most expensive thing on every menu of course. like a lobster stuffed with steak or a steak stuffed with lobster.

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