Group Ordering is Here!

Now you can order with friends or coworkers at

If you didn’t already know from last week’s announcement, we’re big on sharing here at Sharing deals, sharing what you just ordered on Facebook or Twitter, and now, sharing the experience of ordering with friends and coworkers!

Group ordering has arrived on, and it makes ordering with a group at home or at work easier than ever.

Have you ever wished you could order dinner for a group of friends without calling them first to ask what they want? Or have you ever thought it would be great to order lunch with your coworkers without having everyone huddle around one computer? Group ordering makes ordering for multiple people as easy as ordering for one. Here’s how it works:

1. Invite. Choose a restaurant or store, and click “Start a Group Order” to get started by inviting friends or coworkers to your order.

2. Order. After accepting their invites, everyone in the group can add items to their carts on their own, and then submit their orders to you.

3. Check out. Ready to place your order? Review everyone’s orders first, and then check out. We’ll send the order to the merchant, while you meet up with your group and get ready for it to arrive.

Sound easy? Try it out for yourself tonight by placing a group order with friends!


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