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Craving some more in your life? Check out some of these recent articles about us in the news, including a story about how can help you out when you’re sick, and a chat between our CEO and his alma mater.

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The Daily Northwestern: “NU alum, CEO discusses food delivery service” CEO Jed speaks with his alma mater, Northwestern, about, how we’re teaming up with colleges and universities, and more. “Occupy Wall Street From Peanut Butter & Hot Peppers: How to Order Food Delivery”
Sending food to the protestors at Zuccotti Park by ordering at is one way to support the Occupy Wall Street movement.

NYU Local: “The Five Best Ways to Use Your Campus Cash”
The university’s student-run blog says ordering at is one of the best ways for NYU students to spend their Campus Cash.

NYU Local: “Now That You’re Sick: Feed Your Cold Without Leaving Your Bed”
In another NYU piece, is recommended as a helpful service for students to use if they’re not feeling well.


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