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Traveling a lot these days? If the answer is yes, then I doubt I’m alone when I say that traveling has become nothing short of a major inconvenience. When will the cost cutting end? Where will the line be drawn? First we had to cut down on the liquids and toiletries we brought on board flights, then we had to eliminate how many bags we could carry on and check in without a baggage fee, and then there was no food served on flights.

Luckily there are new options in dining when traveling, enter to the rescue with our growing hotel program – a virtual room service for hotel guests

Here’s the scenario in which you may find yourself on your next trip. You have been in meetings all day or sightseeing until you drop, and when you get back to your room, all you want is a decent meal, a hot shower, and a good night’s sleep. But, to your surprise, your hotel doesn’t have a restaurant that offers room service, or it does but it’s just not what you are craving, or worse it’s too late for anything. Now you can log into from hotels in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and soon other cities, and get local cuisine delivered right to your hotel room. Not only is it convenient, but ordering using also allows you to keep exploring the neighborhood you’re staying in, from the comfort of your hotel room, by providing access to the best local restaurants and stores.

Hotels are competing for guests. They need be to creative and ahead of the curve in serving their customers as they would be accustomed to at home only better. Dozens of hotels around the country are recognizing the interest in ordering online from local merchants, and through partnering with, they can make that happen.

How does it work? Simply log in from the confines of your hotel room, (or even use our mobile applications on your walk back from your business meeting or sightseeing, currently for iPhone and soon across all major mobile platforms), put in the address of the hotel and connect to a wide variety of restaurants, grocers and specialty stores in the neighborhood where you are staying and get what you want and need delivered right away.

We’re adding hotels all of the time. Already today you can order a famous slice of New York pizza, SoCal fish tacos or Golden Gate delight while staying at any of these hotels:

New York City:

Los Angeles:

San Francisco:

Washington D.C.:

If you have a favorite hotel you’d like to see in the family, tweet at us. If you represent a hotel and would like to learn more about how our program can not only provide a great convenience to your guests but also an additional source of revenue for your business, send an email to today.

Until next time, safe travels!


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