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You already use Delivery.com to order online from your computer and your iPhone, but what about ordering food right from your TV? Today, we’re announcing an exciting new partnership with Verizon FiOS that does just that! Now, Verizon FiOS customers can order food right from their televisions using Delivery.com on the Verizon Concierge app.

With just a few clicks on your Verizon FiOS remote, you can access the Verizon Concierge widget, and select “Food Delivery,” which brings you right to a list of Delivery.com restaurants in your area. From there, it’s as easy as checking out the local restaurants near you, choosing one, and placing an order.

Ordering food while watching a game, TV show, or movie has never been easier. Just pause, order, and go back to watching while you wait for your food to arrive! So what are you watching – and ordering – tonight?

For more information, check out the complete press release below:

Delivery.com and Simplikate partner with Verizon FiOS as exclusive local food ordering service

Partnership allows Verizon FiOS subscribers to order food through televisions

November 9, 2011 – Delivery.com, a comprehensive local e-commerce platform and Simplikate, a leading software developer for TV widgets and Mobile Apps launched the TV food ordering service live after 2 years of development together in partnership with Verizon FiOS as the exclusive local food ordering service in major markets including New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. The partnership provides Verizon FiOS customers the ability to order food from Delivery.com’s network of local restaurants through their televisions using Verizon’s Concierge widget also developed by Simplikate. The Verizon Concierge widget, along with its mobile counterpart smartphone apps are part of Verizon’s Concierge service, a fully integrated, technology platform that caters to today’s digital home lifestyle including community news, on site property amenity management, flower delivery, restaurant reservations and more.

FiOS customers can order food by clicking on the “Widgets” button on their FiOS TV remote control, selecting “FiOS TV Widgets” and selecting the Food Delivery icon under the “Shopping” and “Concierge” categories.  By selecting “Food Delivery” on their television, users will gain access to Delivery.com’s local restaurants through which they can order an array of cuisines by browsing available items and adding them to a cart for purchase. The local restaurant is notified, the food is delivered and Delivery.com charges the credit card associated with the user’s Verizon Concierge account for the order.  Credit cards are stored securely allowing the resident to place orders or reorders easily from the remote control.

“Delivery.com is at the forefront of the rapidly expanding hyperlocal e-commerce market,” said Delivery.com CEO Jed Kleckner.  “We believe technology must meet the demands for convenience that people have come to expect in their everyday lives, which is why offering our service with Verizon FIOS on Simplikate’s platform is a natural progression for us.”

“We’ve all been teased for years about the idea of ordering food from our TV during a commercial. Delivery.com’s network integrated over Verizon FiOS using Simplikate’s Mobile plus TV platform, Mobilsoft®, finally connects all the pieces necessary to successfully execute on this wish list feature” added Tushar Patel, CEO of Simplikate.

Delivery.com recently unveiled several new technology features, including enhancements to Delivery.com Office, Group Ordering, and an iPhone app. With the addition of this new partnership, Delivery.com users have all they need to order food or other goods when and where they want – in their office or group environment, on the go, and now from their television.



About Delivery.com

Delivery.com is a leading destination for local online and mobile ordering that connects users to restaurants and stores in their neighborhoods. Since 2004, Delivery.com‘s mission has been to provide consumers and companies with fast, convenient delivery and pickup from all of their favorite local businesses while at home, at work, or on the go. Today, Delivery.com has over half a million users and a network of nearly 10,000 restaurants, caterers, grocers, and other businesses in over 50 cities nationwide – and is growing every day.

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About Simplikate

Simplikate is a leading new media platform developer that publishes client content simultaneously on smartphone Apps and TV widgets from a single enterprise backend.  Founded in 2002, Simplikate has provided rapid market deployment of content in new and emerging markets offering its customers first to market advantage in real estate, malls, retail and property management.  Simplikate’s Mobilsoft® platform has been deployed in over 4,000 instances worldwide in 10 languages on countless devices while preserving a consistent end user and brand experience across devices.

Learn More: www.simplikate.com to see our full range of new media platform capabilities including mobile application development.



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