New Restaurants: November 14 – 21

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A delicious Thanksgiving dinner may be only three days away, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about eating some good food before then. Luckily, these new restaurants have just what you need to stay fed while you’re busy brining, baking, and cooking (or, if you’re like us, ordering) in preparation for the holiday. This week’s new restaurants deliver everything from burgers to pasta to sushi, and are the perfect way to grab a tasty lunch or dinner during this busy week. Check them out, place your order, and then get back to planning that Thanksgiving menu!

Don’t see anything in your neighborhood here? These are just a few of the new restaurants to join in the past week. To see all of the restaurants and stores that deliver to you, head to and enter your address now!

  • Pop’s of Brooklyn in NYC: (42 E. 8th St., New York, NY) The Brooklyn favorite brings their popular burgers, sandwiches, and yes, milkshakes to Greenwich Village. A Pop’s Burger and s Black and White Shake sound like the perfect lunch to kick off this holiday week.
  • Sapoten in San Francisco, CA: (3420 balboa St., San Francisco, CA) Order fresh sushi at the Japanese restaurant in San Francisco. Sapoten has everything from seaweed salad, to udon, and lots of sushi and sashimi options.
  • Petaluma in NYC: (1356 First Ave., New York, NY) This neighborhood Italian restaurant on New York’s Upper East Side has all of your favorites, including pizza, pasta, and everyone’s go-to Italian dish, Chicken Parmigiana.
  • La Zarza in NYC: (166 first Ave., New York, NY) This East Village restaurant delivers Spanish and Argentinean dishes, like empanadas, paella, and some great appetizers, like stuffed dates, Spanish cheeses, and ceviche.
  • The Wienery in Sacramento, CA: (715 56th St., Sacramento, CA) If you love hot dogs, then this is your place. Sacarmento’s The Wienery delivers all kinds of hot dogs with almost every topping you can imagine. Nacho Hot Dog, anyone?



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