Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered

What are you ordering this Thanksgiving?

If you’re one of the 16 million Americans who plan to order at least part of their Thanksgiving dinner from a restaurant or store, then you’re going to want to read this. Cooking for Thanksgiving is a lot of work, and while some people love it, making the turkey, stuffing, sides, and all those pies is definitely not for everyone. This year, we have a few restaurants that are delivering special Thanksgiving menus just for those of you who want the turkey without all the work…or for those of you who forgot to pick up the cranberry sauce…or for those of you who attempt to deep fry a turkey with disastrous results. You get the idea – is here for you this Thanksgiving, thanks to these local spots:

  • Atomic Wings (321 Ninth St., Brooklyn, NY) The Brooklyn location of this popular wing spot has a special Thanksgiving offering – a 12 pound deep fried turkey for $49.99. Best of all, you can order it all the way up to 3pm on Thanksgiving day, just in case something goes wrong with your bird.
  • Amish Market (731 Ninth Ave., New York, NY) Order everything you need for Thanksgiving, from turkey to appetizers, to salads and sides, at this New York City store. Their gourmet dishes, like Pumpkin Soup and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, will have you think you’re eating a homemade meal.
  • Kitchenette (156 Chambers St., New York, NY) Kitchenette specializes in delivering home style food, so it’s no surprise their Thanksgiving menu is full of tasty options, like Cornbread Stuffing and Buttermilk Biscuits. Plus, they also deliver Thanksgiving brunch!
  • Gracie’s Corner Diner (352 E. 86th St., New York, NY) This Upper East Side diner makes Thanksgiving dinner so easy. Just order their Roast Vermont turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, and you’re all set. OK, a slice of the apple pie wouldn’t hurt either.

Don’t forget! Whether you’re ordering on Thanksgiving, before the holiday, or after, you can get 20% off at this week!



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