New Year’s Resolution: Order Healthy Food

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution to eat better? Did you cave and order pizza last night? It’s ok. We’re here to help! We’ve rounded up some of the healthiest foods that you can order on, from salads to tofu to kale. All you have to do is scroll past the pizza, burgers, and fries (we know it’s hard!), and order from one of these healthy spots instead.

  • Blossom in NYC(187 9th Ave., New York, NY) Vegan, organic and delicious, healthy New Yorkers love the food at Blossom. Order their Ravioli with Cashew Cream and you’ll see why. Also, check out Blossom Cafe and Blossom du Jour.
  • Terri in NYC: (60 W. 23rd St., New York, NY) Order the extra healthy Hummus and Avocado Wrap with a side of Raw Kale Chips, and you’ll forget all about your usual BLT and potato chips.
  • Gobo World Vegetarian in NYC(1426 Third Ave., New York, NY) Make sure to order an organic smoothie or juice when you order from this healthy spot.
  • Beautifull in San Francisco, California(3401 California St., San Francisco, CA) This healthy restaurant in San Francisco delivers sandwiches, salads, and superfoods like quinoa, beets, and broccoli.
  • PowerSource Cafe in San Francisco, California: (81 Fremont St., San Francisco, CA) Almost everything at this San Francisco spot is organic, and every dish, from the Hercules Sandwich to the Ruby Grapefruit Juice, will keep your New Year’s resolution going strong.
  • FreshEast in Los Angeles, California: (8951 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA) Love Asian food, but need to cut back on the fried rice? Order healthy Asian dishes, like Green Coconut Water Curry, from this Los Angeles restaurant.
  • More healthy food: Energy Kitchen, Fuel, and Muscle Maker Grill are all popular, healthy chains with tons of locations. Enter your address at to see if there’s one near you.

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