New Delivery Restaurants in Brooklyn and Queens

Order Montreal-style bagels in Brooklyn from B & B Empire. Photo via

Hungry in Brooklyn? Ravenous in Queens? is here for you! There are tons of restaurants in the outer boroughs on and we’re working hard to add even more every day – like these new spots.

From some great local bar food to authentic South American dishes and even Montreal-style bagels (yes, in New York!), these new restaurants are ready to take your order at Click through to browse their full menus and order online from one of these great new restaurants in Brooklyn and Queens today!

  • Downtown Alehouse in Brooklyn Heights(121 Livingston St., Brooklyn, NY) This Brooklyn Heights spots brings all of your favorite bar food right to your apartment! Order wings, burgers, sandwiches and more from Downtown Alehouse on
  • B & B Empire in Brooklyn: (200 Clinton St., Brooklyn, NY) It’s all about the bagels at B & B Empire, but instead of classic New York bagels, this Brooklyn spot delivers authentic Montreal style-bagels. A little smaller, a little chewier, but just as delicious – especially when delivered right to your door.
  • Delhi Heights in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn(577 Decatur St., Brooklyn, NY) Get your favorite Indian dishes delivered from this popular Bed-Stuy spot on Delhi Heights has everything from Vindaloo to Tandoori to Biryani, plus lots and lots of Naan.
  • Yiannis in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn(6901 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY) Hungry for pizza, pasta, sandwiches or pasta in Bay Ridge? You can order it all – and a whole lot more – from Yiannis on
  • Los Pollos in Woodside, Queens: (4551 46th St., Woodside, NY) Queens gets a taste of South America with this Woodside restaurant. At Los Pollos you can order authentic South American dishes like Peruvian-style Fried Rice and Carne Asada.
  • Just Combo in Astoria, Queens: (2101 21st Ave., Astoria, NY) Order all your favorite Middle Eastern food from this Astoria restaurant. Just Combo’s menu has everything from Gyro to Falafel and, of course, Baklava for dessert.



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  • Lame, I’ll shoot him a text and tell him to get his act together. It may be bsceuae the founder of is back in town and they’ve been having meetings with him,taking time away from his bagel business. But no answer? That’s just bad business Quick review though: I ordered a dozen cinnamon raisin and a dozen sesame and a thing of chives and cream cheese. The bagels were awesome. Delicious. Maybe I’m not authentic enough, but the cream cheese was not like any cream cheese I’ve ever had before. Good, fosho, but odd for me. It was more like something in between yogurt and sour cream, in both flavor and consistency, then with chives thrown in. The only complaint I can think of would be that the packaging doesn’t suit ordering in bulk. A few of my bagels went stale bsceuae of airtight issues.

  • It is really nice to put your order and get it on your bed. provides you a great stuff from some great local bar food to authentic South American dishes and even Montreal-style bagels.

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