New Restaurants in Philadelphia

Favorite Philly spot Koch’s Deli is now on!

Hungry in Philly? You won’t be for long thanks to these great new Philadelphia restaurants that are now accepting orders on

Whether you’re hungry for a slice of pizza, a serious sandwich or a tasty burger, these restaurants have got you covered. Check out their menus and order online from one of these new spots for dinner tonight!

Looking for more Philadelphia restaurants on Head here and look around!

  • Head Cook’s Pizza & Bakery (4145 Chestnut St.) This Philadelphia pizza place serves up some great pies, but they have much more than pizza. You can find burgers, sandwiches, wings and much more on their menu.
  • Koch’s Deli (4309 Locust St.) This Philadelphia deli is a sandwich-lover’s dream come true. Go for the classic Philly cheesesteak, try a BLT, order a three-foot Italian hoagie or opt for a double decker. Whatever sandwich you’re craving, Koch’s has it.
  • Dolci Carini Pizza (1929 Chestnut St.) The signature Tomato Pie – like pizza but without the cheese – is a must-order at this spot. Don’t worry cheese-lovers, there are plenty of regular, cheesy pies for you too.
  • (326 South St.) This Philly restaurants specializes in burgers and kosher cuisine. Try a classic burger or opt for one of their special burgers like the El Gringo, which comes topped with mushrooms, pastrami and a fried egg.
  • Han-Wool (3608 Chestnut St.) Can’t decide if you want Korean or Japanese for dinner? Get both at Han-Wool, where Korean barbecue and sushi are on the menu.



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