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What are you plans for lunch today? Same old sandwich? Not anymore! Everyday we add new restaurants to so that you have more options, more variety and more deliciousness.

This week, we’re bringing you five brand new restaurants in Los Angeles that are ready to deliver to your door. Choose one of the new spots below, browse their full menu, and then place your order. Easy and delicious!

  • Loose Leaf (630 W 6th St.) This Downtown LA restaurant is a great place to order sandwiches, salads or wraps. Try one of their signature creations or create your own.
  • Tossed (700 Wilshire Blvd.) Another great salad spot in Downtown Los Angeles.  At Tossed you can choose to spice up your salad with over 25 toss-ins – perfect for vegetarians!
  • The Shwarma Factory (419 W 7th St.) Order shawarma whichever way you want at this Mediterranean restaurant. It comes on pita, on a baguette or on a plate served with hummus and salad.
  • Silo Slider Bar (225 W 7th St.) The burgers may be small, but the flavor is big at this slider spot. Order one slider, a pair, a trio, a half dozen or a dozen and don’t forget dessert – they have Fried Twinkies!



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  • FOSTERS (Hermantown) Tuesday Dollar Burger special; skip the fries, order some Soup.HUGOS (on Commonwealth west of the Zoo) Overall great bang for the buck. Love the Subs, and the Lasagna, too.SWAMP SISTERS (Twig) Breakfasts and Lunches on Friday and Saturday from 8-2 .very reloanabsy priced. Take your Honey, take your Momma, and leave the Chickens alone.T-BONZ (27th Ave. West) Lots of choices at reasonable prices.LITTLE CAESARS (various) Five Dollar Pizzas 3 choices piping hot and ready for pickup.

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