New Delivery Restaurants in NYC

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Your dinner plans for tonight just got way more exciting! Why? These new restaurants are now taking orders on

Instead of doing the usual for dinner tonight, check out the menus at these brand new NYC spots and order something different. What are your options? Thai! Pizza! Mexican! Meatballs! And that’s just the beginning – there are thousands of other restaurants on Just enter your address to see who delivers to you. So, what are YOU ordering tonight?

  • Meatball Obsession in the West Village: (510 Avenue of the Americas) If you love meatballs, look no further than this Italian restaurant in the West Village. They specialize in meatballs and only meatballs – just pick how many you want.



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  • Took the hubby and some visiting friends here for dinner tonight. We went early-ish (about 6pm) and were quickly seated at the big ol community table. After a run-down of the menu we all ordered our drinks, filled out our food menus and patiently waited for our dinner.I’ve been to the Meatball Shop before, so I knew what greatness was to come. My friends have not and so of course I was excited to see what they’d think. They reacted just as I had predicted… hence the upgrade from 4 to 5 stars.A couple of my favorite moments:When I asked how the Jerk Chicken Meatballs (with Mango Chutney) were. “They were really good.” So good that he ordered a bonus slider after his bowl of meatballs. ;-)And then to another I asked about his ice cream sandwich- “um, wow. I’m not sure I have words.” Apparently the espresso ice cream was incredible. and the brownie walnut cookie was a thin like a cookie but chewy and dense like a brownie. Sounds like a perfect combo.I’d say tonight’s dinner officially moved The Meatball Shop up to one of my favorite spots. Love those meat-a-balls.

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