Popular Delivery Restaurant in Brooklyn: B.A.D. Burger

Ever have those days when you can’t decide on what type of food to order? With so many options, a New Yorker can get overwhelmed. Take a cue from the other hungry and happy people ordering and Delivery.com and check out this week’s popular spot – B.A.D. Burger.

Order burgers, fries and breakfast(!) at B.A.D. Burger on Delivery.com. Image via www.bad-burger.com

They offer burgers, hot dogs, salads, and breakfast foods – get this – 24 hours a day. Not only that, you can order through Delivery.com 24 hours a day. Feel like a burger for breakfast? No problem. Midnight snack of pancakes? No one’s judging you.

Although many of you might think this would be a meat-lover’s paradise, B.A.D. Burgers offers tons of vegetarian/vegan alternatives to their standard fare. There are veggie burgers to swap in for regular burgers, and tofu you can swap for eggs in your breakfast platter at no extra charge. B.A.D Burger has two locations, one in Williamsburg and another in Alphabet City. Here’s a look at some of their most popular menu items:

  • Big Grilled Cheese – A grilled cheese that is completely customizable! You pick the bread, and you pick the cheese. Who says simple can’t be delicious?
  • Bad Fingers – B.A.D. Burger’s battered chicken, with a side of their chipotle mayo.
  • The Hulk – Three blended green chilis with jack cheese on a burger. We love a good burger with some spice!
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich – Succulent pulled pork topped with coleslaw on a bun.

B.A.D. Burger | 131 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY

Delivery Hours: 24 hours a day

Delivery Range: E Leonard St. – N Bayard St. and N 12th St. – Division Ave.



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